1963 SAAB Quantum

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1963 SAAB Quantum

The Quantum SAAB you see here at the New York Automobile Show is the result of four years of engineering and design data gathered by Mr. Walter Kern. Mr. Kern originally conceived the idea of a front-wheel drive, small, light-weight, safe, two-passenger sports roadster. It was natural for Mr. Kern to pick the basic SAAB power plant and running gear because of his past knowledge of SAABs superior road holding and outstanding performance which he experienced as a SAAB owner.


The car features a nearly pure aerodynamic body shell of reinforced fiberglass weighing less than 100 lbs., yet it is stronger than a comparable steel shell. The light-weight tubular steel frame gives the car a low-curb weight without detracting from the torsional rigidity that is required in a sports racing machine.

Standard SAAB 95 suspension components are used along with the SAAB engine and a four-speed gear box as standard equipment.


Engine – 3 cylinder, 2-stroke cycle, 841 cc, developing 42 bhp at 5,000 rpm with a maximum of 59 ft/lbs. of torque at 3,000rpm.

Bore – 2.760 inches Stroke – 2.870 inches Compression ratio – 7.3/1 SUSPENSION AND BRAKES

Four-wheel independent suspension with self-stabilizing rear axle assembly. Damping is accomplished with four hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. The total brake lining area – 105 sq.in.


Light-weight reinforced fiberglass body shell. Tubular steel chassis with intergrated sheet metal panels. Front-wheel drive counterclockwise engine rotation.


Tooling for the Quantum will allow production to commence in the late fall of 1963. The car wLll be marketed through authorized dealers and will carry the same basic broad Warranty that the Standard SAAB car enjoys; i.e., 24 – 24 on power train, 6 – 6 on the remainder of the car. Retail delivery price F.0. B. New Haven – $2,995*.

* – Estimated Price – state, local tax, and transportation extra.

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3 Responses to “1963 SAAB Quantum”

  1. George Goodwin

    17. Apr, 2010

    I met Walter Kern at Hingham SAAB through George and Warren Cowing in 1962 (?). He asked me to go with him to Marlborough, Massachusetts to see what he was working on. It took us nearly 45 minutes to drive there (all two-lane blacktops). What he showed me was a prototype Quantum being fit out with an experimental body made from perforated sheet metal stretched over a square tubular frame. This work was being done in a small shop just off the main street of Marlborough. We sat in the car for a few minutes. I recall most of all the shifter was made from a rifle bolt action assembly; very quick throw!
    Walter was very much into the project.

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  2. Mike Ciannella, Jr

    25. Nov, 2012

    The company in Marlboro where the 1st Qauntum III was built was Atikins and Merril. It was located at the end of, what is now, Hayes Memorial Drive. my dad told me the guy who was backing it financially owned Pepperidge Farm. He thinks his name is Mister Rudland of Connecticut. My dad worked on the body and brought the car home 1 day for a cruise. I still have a picture of the car.

    Hayes Memorial Drive was all so call the A and M. in the seventy’s people would drag race down a quarter mile

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    • Tamsen Merrill

      29. Mar, 2019

      My father Roger Merrill, Jr., started the Atkins and Merrill Company in Sudbury, MA and was responsible for building the Quantum III. My nephew, Nathaniel Merrill, still owns one of the two models constructed. He lives in Kingston RI and got it out of storage today. Anyone who wants to see it should contact me and I will give you his phone and email. It’s definitely a very cool vehicle.

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