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ORANGE, CONNECTICUT — The 1976 Saab 99 WagonBack Sedan is really two cars in one. A comfortable, sure handling sedan when you want it and a luxurious and spacious station wagon when you need it.

For those times when you want a sedan, it is comforting to know that the Saab 99 WagonBack is powered by a Swedish-built 2-liter overhead cam four cylinder engine. Equipped with Bosch Continuous Fuel Injection it produces 115 horsepower (SAE net) and 123 ft./lbs. of torque. (California, Nevada, and Arizona: 110 hp, (SAE net) 119 ft./lbs.torque) And, because no 1976 Saab automobiles need a catalytic converter, they all operate on regular grade leaded or unleaded fuel.

For those times when only a station wagon will do, it’s nice to know that with the flexibility of the fold down rear seat, the Saab WagonBack sedan provides more than 53 cubic feet of cargo space. And, if your cargo is especially fragile, it’s also nice to know that the entire luggage compartment of the Saab WagonBack is carpeted in a plush nylon carpeting, fastened to the floor to prevent sliding.

Of course, the 1976 Saab 99 WagonBack sedan comes with all the standard, well-known Saab features such as front wheel drive, rack and pinion steering, electrically heated driver’s seat, dual-diagonal braking system and roll cage construction.

The Saab 99 WagonBack is available in either standard or automatic transmission models with power steering standard with the automatic transmission.

The Saab 99 WagonBack sedan is available through more than 375 Saab dealers nationwide.


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