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ORANGE, CONNECTICUT — Carrying on the tradition of the great Saab rally winners is the Saab 99 EMS, a special sports version of the 99. Like all Saabs, the EMS has front-wheel drive and superior road holding and performance. Special performance features on the EMS include a front air dam, aluminum alloy wheels, stiffer rally type springs, gas-filled Bilstein shock absorbers, quicker steering ratio and a special rally type steering wheel. The Saab 99 EMS is only available as a two-door sedan with manual transmission and comes in three distinct EMS colors: Cardinal Red Metallic; Sterling Silver Metallic and Black. An optional sunroof is available. Powering the Saab 99 EMS is the Saab 2-liter overhead cam engine develops 115 horsepower (SAE net) and 123 ft. lbs. of torque. In Western and Rocky Mountain states, the Saab 99 EMS is equipped with the unique Lambda emissions control system with three-way catalyst and develops 110 horsepower (SAE net) and 119 ft. lbs of torque.



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  1. walter milan

    26. Jan, 2010

    nesecito la incinia del auto Saab 99 del año 70 estoy recontruyendo uno y no la consigo es la q lleva en la careta o regilla delanteraen en el medio creo q lo estoy llevado a estar original si me pueden decir si fue pintado color azul que es el q me gusta tengo fotos de como queda

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  2. Nicole

    22. Oct, 2010

    Hi, had a Bronze-Gold EMS coupe – history not valided, but word of mouth was ‘car show’ special – always confusion about rego year – 1971-72 & the car itself – anyway, story is SAAB took a few bronze “ralley” specials around into new markets & showed at Melbourne Motor & as it was THE ralley winner (& it appeared it was but for centre radio console) – lovely loved car – kept for some time to be ‘classic & restore’, but unfortunetly, didn’t happen & as far as I know it’s gone… 🙂 Anyway SAAB EMS was earlier than noted – weakness, Lucus electrical – & it’s raisings it awful Prince of Darkness head again with our work on a 1984 2 d 5 speed import range rover.

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  3. Bill Bangs

    10. Mar, 2011

    My EMS was silver and the paint peeled off of it like skin off a red-headed kid’s back after a day at the beach. Great car! Looked like hell!! Saab would have nothing to do with it. Met a guy years later who had the same problem. We were sorry we did not meet earlier because we would filed a class action suit on behalf of all silver EMS owners.

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  4. Gerry

    19. Aug, 2011

    I had my silver 77 EMS for 15 years. Great car! Had a few problems like all cars, but no paint problems.

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