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Saab-Scania AB – 1987 International State of the Industry

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Saab-Scania AB – 1987 International State of the Industry
Ward’s Auto World, Jan, 1987
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Saab-Scania AB Wants to be alone in future projects

After a successful flirtation with joint development programs paid off in the popular 9000 Turbo, Saab-Scania AB swears off future dalliances with other authomakers and pledges to carry on alone.

“It is important for Saab to maintain its own identity,” says Saab President Georg Karnsund. “This is one of the cornerstones of our marketing strategy.”

Saab is not interested in extensive ties with any other automakers, he says, although working with Fiat SpA on the 9000, which shares its platform with models from Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, “gave us great benefits in time and cost-savings, especially in the early pre-prototype development stage.

“Today we are proceeding on future development entirely alone,” he adds, “although we are open to proposals where the development of a certain component that did not affect the identity of the entire car could be carried out with the right partner.”

While Saab now works on future vehicles independently, Mr. Karnsund says “more and more, we are turning to the major component suppliers for joint development of subsystems — antilock brake systems, engine management, etc.”

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