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Awards — Saab 9000, 1992-96

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Awards — Saab 9000, 1992-96
“Best Bet, 1996”
“Best Bet, 1995”
“Best Bet, 1993”
“Best Bet, 1992”

The Car Book (all Saab 9000)
“Light Pressure Turbo: Top 10 Engines of 1996”
“Light Pressure Turbo: Top 10 Engines of 1995”

Ward’s Auto World and Wards Engine and Vehicle Technology Update (Saab 9000 CS)
“AAA Top Pick in its price class, 1996” (Saab 9000 CSE)
“AAA Top Pick in Its price class, 1995” (Saab 9000 CDE)
“AAA Top Pick in its price class, 1993” (Saab 9000 CS Turbo)

American Automobile Association (AAA)
“Top 10 Luxury Cars, 1995”
“Top 10 Luxury Cars, 1994”

Consumer Review magazine (all Saab 9000)
“Best Theft Protection”(all Saab 9000)
NRMA Insurance company, Australia, 1995

“Safest In-Production Car,” lowest passenger vehicle fatality rates (for cars in production)
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Oct. 14, 1995 report (all Saab 9000)

“Substantially Better Than Average” for injury losses, 1994
Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) (all Saab 9000)

“Best Protection from Neck Injuries” (Saab 9000, 1985-1993)
1996 study of 8,000 rear-end collisions in Sweden, from Folksam Insurance, Karolinska, Institute and Chalmers
University of Technology, Sweden.

“Safest Car in Sweden” 1989-90
“Safest Car in Sweden” 1991-92
“Safest Car in Sweden” 1993-94
Folksam Insurance Co., Sweden’s largest automotive insurer

“Technology of the Year” Saab Trionic
Automobile magazine, 1994

“Most Environmentally Friendly Car”
Status magazine, Germany, 1992

Awards — Saab 900, 1994-96
“Best Buy, 1996”
“Best Buy, 1995”
“Best Buy, 1994”

Consumers Digest (all Saab 900)
“Best Bet, 1996”

The Car Book (all Saab 900)
“Top 10 Sports Cars, 1996”
“Top 10 Sports Cars, 1995”

Consumer Review magazine (all Saab 900)
“AAA Top Pick in its price class, 1995” (900 SE V6 five-door)

American Automobile Association (AAA)
“Best Theft Protection” (Saab 900 SE)

NRMA Insurance company, Australia, 1995
“First Place: Saab 900 SE Convertible”

Comparison test against BMW 325i Convertible and Audi Cabriolet
Car & Driver (Nov. 1994)

“Best in damage resistance” among mid-sized cars for 5-mph front and rear flat-barrier bumper crash tests (zero damage)
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) (1994 900 S 5-door)

“Scandinavian Design Prize 1994”
Scandinavian Design Council

“Design of the Year Award”
Automobile magazine

“Technology of the Year” Saab Trionic
Automobile magazine, 1994

“Best New Car” in $18-25,000 price range (Saab 900 S)
Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, 1994

“Best of What’s New”
Popular Science, 1994

“Family Car of the Year” (1994 Saab 900 S five-door)
Motoring ’94, Canada

“Import Car of the Year in Japan”
Automotive researchers and journalists, Japan, 1994

“Design Distinction,”, consumer products
I.D. (Industrial Design) magazine, 1994

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