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On A Warm Summer Day

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On A Warm Summer Day

On a warm sunny day I left work in Foxborough MA for a meeting in Marlborough MA driving my 1985 900 SPG. After a few miles on Rt 495 I felt a cough from the engine and noticed the steam wisping out from beneath the hood. Pulling over and looking beneath the hood I saw the angry gash in the main coolant hose spitting and sputtering. A highway safety officer thankfully pulled in behind me to see if I needed help. I told him I planned to nurse it to the next exit and he mentioned there was a service station on the left at the next exit. Leaving the engine running I slowly poured in a gallon of 50/50 mix antifreeze and about a half gallon of dog water from the back seat. I asked my car to hold together to the exit so I could get her off the highway. Slowly we got up to speed and I crested the hill. I shut off the car, coasting 2 miles downhill to the exit, ran the stop sign at the bottom, coasted through the green light and into the parking lot of the se! rvice station. I then took the Saab screwdriver out of the toolkit, removed the damaged hose and walked into the garage. I gingerly placed the still warm hose on the counter and asked if they had any hose that was similar that might work. After rummaging around in the back room for 5 minutes, out he emerged with a hose that when cut was a very close match! I bought another gallon of coolant with the hose and quickly got my baby back together. Soon I was back rushing to my meeting along the interstate. I was only 14 minutes late. And we got the contract.

J. Sweet Dighton, Massachusetts

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New England Saab Association
Post Office Box 119
Keene, New Hampshire 03431


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Saab Receives Discover Magazine Innovation Award

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New York, NY – Saab was presented with the 2001 Discover Magazine Innovation Award for transportation for its work on the Saab Combustion Control (SCC) engine concept. This environmentally friendly system cuts carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxide emissions while reducing fuel consumption by up to 10 percent – all without compromising performance levels.

Discover Magazine honors Saab for superior levels of ingenuity
Now in its 12th year, Discover Magazine Awards acknowledge the creativity and ingenuity in a variety of categories such as environment, health, communications, and transportation. Saab was chosen to receive the 2001 Innovation Award for the transportation category.
The ceremony took place June 12 at the Manhattan Center in New York and was attended by members of the media, magazine staff, industry experts, and over 150 New York City-area students. Eric Olofsson, Combustion and Gas Exchange Manager for Saab Automobile AB was present to accept the award for Saab.

Saab Combustion Control engine offers a smart, clean alternative
The SCC is a new engine control system concept developed to lower fuel consumption while radically reducing exhaust emissions, without impairing engine performance. By mixing a large volume of exhaust gases into the combustion process, Saab’s fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10 percent.
Exhaust emissions are lowered enough to comply with the California Ultra Low Emission Vehicle 2 (ULEV2) requirements, set to take effect in 2005. Compared to today’s Saab engines with equivalent performance, this will reduce the carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions by almost half, and will cut the nitrogen oxide emissions by 75 percent.
“We are very excited about bringing smart, clean engine alternatives to our customers in the future,” said Dan Chasins, President and Chief Operating Officer of Saab Cars USA. “Our engineers are continuously working to improve the efficiency and performance of our vehicles.”

An engine that recycles its own exhausts
The premise behind the SCC system is that the engine digests its own exhausts and requires lower clean air intake levels. After each round of combustion, the engine traps a little exhaust in each cylinder. The hot, oxygen-depleted gas expands to fill a portion of the cylinder, and therefore demands less clean air and fuel for the following combustion cycle.

SCC developed by Saab
The SCC concept has been developed at the Saab Engine Development Department, which also serves as the Center of Expertise for the development of turbocharged gasoline engines for the GM Group. The variable spark gap in the SCC system is a further development of the spark-to-piston concept that Saab unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1995.
The SCC is a global engine concept that meets the demands in the U.S., where the greatest emphasis is placed on limiting the nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions, and also those in Europe, where greater emphasis is placed on the carbon dioxide emissions. All markets are seeking more energy efficient engines given the recent increases in fuel prices.

How the SCC works
For more information on the SCC system, please visit the Saab media web site at Saab Cars USA, Inc. is the importer of Saab 9-5 and 9-3 automobiles for Sweden-based Saab Automobile AB and is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, near Atlanta.

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Drive six new cars over three years

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Drive six new cars over three years

The glory of summer in a convertible. The chill of winter in a pleasantly warm coupe. Saab presents totally new concepts in the world of car leasing and is first to launch an entirely new concept: Saab Variations. A new car twice a year, with free choice from among any of the Aero models.

Why should we not change our cars a couple of times a year, just as we change a host of other things? Saab Automobile took this thought further and developed a totally new concept for car leasing.

“We know that many of our customers would be interested in changing their cars during the course of one year,” says Torbjörn Olsson, President of the Saab retailing company in Sweden. “Enjoying the spring and early summer in a convertible is a very special experience. But if you then need a Saab 9-5 SportWagon for the summer holidays and business trips in the autumn, all you have to do is to say what model you would need.”

“The exchange scheme includes all of the Saab Aero models – the Saab 9-5 SportWagon and Sedan, and the Saab 9-3 Convertible, Coupe and 5-door. All of them have powerful turbo engines and are extremely well equipped. The price includes virtually everything except the fuel.”

Compared to conventional car leasing, the customer pays only a small additional cost for being able to change his car twice a year to suit his needs, emotions and tastes. “The concept has been a resounding success here in Sweden. The freedom of choice it offers has aroused very keen interest,” says Torbjörn Olsson.

“Pioneering the development and marketing of innovative products is not our only objective,” says Knut Simonsson, Global Marketing Director at Saab Automobile. “Developing the way that car ownership is viewed and the relations with our customers are at least equally important.”

“Choosing a car for at least one year at a time has long been the self-evident approach of the motorist. But this way of thinking has no real justification. The decisive factors in our way of viewing car ownership are what the customer wants and needs, and there are evidently many people who want to change their cars to suit their changing needs during the course of the year. So we must obviously provide them with the freedom of choice and flexibility they want.

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