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Saab 9-5 is named Top Executive Car

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Saab 9-5 wins major UK accolade: Saab 9-5 is named Top Executive Car

The Saab 9-5 Saloon has been voted “Executive Used Car of the Year” by What Car?, one of the UK”s most influential motoring magazines.

A panel of experts rated the 9-5 2.0t SE ahead of rivals from BMW, Mercedes and Audi. It was praised for having “image by the bucket load with one of the best cabins in the business and a raft of equipment.” The strong performance from its turbocharged engine and its long distance cruising refinement also impressed the judges.

“We are delighted the car has been recognised by What Car?, particularly since it was pitched against such stiff competition,” says Mike Barker, Saab Great Britain”s Used Car Development Manager. “The Saab 9-5 appeals to the customer who enjoys driving and it has the added advantage of being very competitively priced.”

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Saab 9000 among the cars with the best rustproofing

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The Swedish Corrosion Institute’s comparative study:
Saab 9000 among the cars with the best rustproofing

The Saab 9000 takes first place in a study of rust resistance carried out by the Swedish Corrosion Institute. The Institute sawed out pieces from twenty different car models dating from 1994-1997 and evaluated the occurrence of rust attacks in spot-welded roots and sheet folds, where the study shows that the rust starts.

The Saab 9000 finishes in first place among the 1996-97 models and third among the 1994-95 models. The findings indicate a general raising of the rust protection in comparison with earlier studies, but they also bring out large variations between different brands of cars only four years old, differences that grow more pronounced with the passing years.

The investigation covers test pieces – parts of doors, engine hoods, trunk doors, rear fenders/wheel arches and sill boxes – sawn out from a total of 845 collision-damaged four-year-old cars found in wreckers’ yards mainly in Sweden or Denmark. In the course of the examination, various joints and sheet folds are “opened” so that any rust attacks can be studied before they become visible on the outside.

“The study shows that Saab’s highly purposeful commitment to quality has borne fruit in the area of rust protec-tion as well,” says Örjan Ã…slund, the Information Manager at Saab Sverige. “Since many Saab cars are operated in Scandinavia, where the use of road salt makes for an extremely aggressive corrosion environment, fully adequate rustproofing is something to which we give high priority.”

According to the Corrosion Institute, the most important factors in attaining high corrosion resistance are that the car has a good basic design, that there is a metallic surface coating on the sheet, that the paint has good adhesion and penetration and the adhesive makes good tight joints, and that a rust inhibitor is used in cavities.

The task of the Swedish Corrosion Institute is to combat corrosion in its various forms and to reduce the costs of the damage it causes the country – government, municipalities, individual enterprises and the public.

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