The Saab 9-3X – Defining the Saab brand

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The Saab 9-3X – Defining the Saab brand

Norcross, GA – The Saab 9-3X is the latest statement of Saab’s commitment to the development of innovative and distinctive new products.

The Saab brand will enter an exciting new segment of the automotive market – the cross-over – with its latest concept, the Saab 9-3X. The 9-3X builds on the sport multi-dynamic theme launched by the Saab 9X concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2001. It is a natural extension of the signature Saab sporty yet versatile range of products: turbocharged luxury 9-5 sedans, the award-winning “four-season” 9-3 Convertible, and the exciting 9-5 Aero SportWagon.

Saab customers lead demanding lifestyles that include a blending of careers, families, and free-time pursuits. They are confident individuals who seek to seamlessly balance these dimensions in their daily lives. Saab’s goal is to provide products that support these dynamic lifestyles – satisfying emotional wants and rational needs by delivering sporty, versatile cars. The Saab 9-3X is based on these values. It is an innovative and dynamic cross-over coupe that gives the driver the ability to pursue any path, either on or off-road.

“I would say this unique concept opens up a new mid-size, cross-over segment of the market,” said Saab Brand Director, Knut Simonsson. “An all-wheel-drive cross-over product from Saab must, naturally, be a little different. Here we have a sporty coupe concept that is multi-dynamic: it can be adapted for different uses. The 9-3X offers enhanced on-road stability for everyday driving, while also providing extra traction when needed for the occasional off-road experience, and, above all, it’s great fun to drive either way!”

The Saab “X” cars are the first visual evidence of how Saab’s Executive Director of Design, Michael Mauer, and its head of Advanced Design, Anthony Lo, see the brand developing. Both concepts are bold and distinctive, breaking new ground by challenging conventional design wisdom.

The Saab 9-3X, like the 9X, is a bold flag-bearer for the Saab brand. It sets the tone for future products and is a further step towards helping Saab achieve its commercial goals.

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