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50th Anniversary of Saab in the United States

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2006 marks the 50th anniversary when SAAB began in the United States in 1956. SAAB MOTORS INC’s first office was New York City, from there they relocated to 100 waterfront st, New Haven, Connecticut, then to 35 Executive Boulevard Drive, Orange, Connecticut (SAAB-SCANIA of America, Inc.), Norcross, Georgia (Saab Cars, USA. Inc.) and today at Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan (Saab Automobile USA Inc.).

This is original footage without audio from an 8mm tape of the Saab model 93s being hoisted from a ship in Sweden on the docks in Boston, Massachusetts in 1956.

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20th Anniversary of the Saab Convertible

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Saab convertible. It is suiting that I post all of the videos in the archive that include a Saab convertible.

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“Saab Roundtable” – SOC 2006

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On Sunday August 27th, at the Saab Owners Convention in Lake George, New York we had a round table discussion with the Saab Automobile USA team. This round table discussion follows a question and answer format. The session started about 9:10am and went until just after 10am.

The footage that was taken of the session includes approximately ninety percent of the film, due to the tape running out prematurely.

Enjoy the questions from the convention goes and answers from the Saab Automobile USA team.

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“State of Saab 2006 – Jay Spenchian Keynote”

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On August 26th at 8pm, Jay Spenchian the General Manager of Saab Automobile gave his “State of Saab 2006” keynote speech in the ballroom of the Roaring brook resort in Lake George, New York.

The inspiring and entertaining keynote consisted of visuals from Saab’s new Born From Jets campaign in print, television as well as footage from Saab’s grassroots air show events. Jay also showed a picture of the new 9-4x, and concluded his address with a one of a kind employee discount available to convention goers, which is available between now and the end of September on all Saab models.

The entire transcript of this speech can be found on, with an extended thank you to Saab Automobile USA for providing this.

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20th Anniversary of Talladega

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Talladega. On October 7th, 1986 , Saab took 3 unmodified production 9000 Turbos out onto the Alabama International Motor Speedway in Talladega. Saab returned in again in October 1996, this time with 6 900 models.

I would really like to see Saab return to Talladega this October once again for a run of their Saab 9-3 and 9-5 range in gasoline, diesel, E85 and hybrid variants.

Saab Talladega “The Long Run” 1986

Saab Talladega 1996

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Million Mile Saab

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Peter Gilbert and his 1989 Saab 900 SPG just hit 1 million miles at the Saab Owners Convention in Lake George, New York over the weekend. Below is a clip from the local television station brought to you by Saab Enthusiast Kevin Quigley of Massachusetts. Thanks Kevin!

I was also provided this writeup from the kind folks at Saab Automobile USA


Lake George, N.Y. — The affair began in 1966… it’s still running strong 40 years later. Insurance and financial sales may be his trade, but Saab enthusiast and owner Peter Gilbert certainly has Saab blue-blood coursing through his veins. The Swedish automotive brand has been his transport of choice since 1967 after being smitten by the Saab’s rally victories with famed driver Erik Carlsson. Since, he has owned several Saabs.

British by birth, cheese-head by home address, Gilbert and his current vehicle – a 1989 grey Saab 900 SPG – reached a milestone in their 17-year relationship – 1 million miles. This milestone took place and was celebrated at the 2006 Saab Owners Convention, held this year at the Roaring Brook Ranch, Lake George, N.Y. in the world-famous Adirondack region. Saab Automobile USA General Manager Jay Spenchian was the first to congratulate Gilbert and his SPG on the occasion.

Gilbert attributes his vehicle’s longevity, other than being a Saab, to “maintenance and rigorous fluid replacement.” The ’89 SPG and Gilbert share many a fond memory, including reaching 135 mph on the straight-away at the Road America course at Elkhart Lake, Wis.; coming into involuntary contact with at least eight Wisconsin deer; and using the equivalent of two tanker trucks of fuel over the course of their relationship.

As for the couple’s future? Gilbert plans to finally let the tried and true Saab 900 SPG relax. “I plan to retire the car to The Wisconsin Auto Museum,” Gilbert said. “The museum is in Hartford, which is not too far from me – that means I can visit my dear friend any time.”

For the original photo please visit my friend Steven Wade’s site at by clicking on the thumbnail image.

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1994 Saab Auto Show – NAIAS

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As the Saab video footage that I took from the 2006 Saab Owners Convention in Lake George, New York are very close to being completely processed, I thought I’d show you a clip that was sent to me from Saab Enthusiast, C. Calhoun from Ohio, last week. C. Calhoun has a “Saab Tatoo” urtattoo5.jpgand has a column in the NINES Publication, a publication of the
Saab Club of North America.

The videocasette that I received was of the 1994 Saab auto show. This video featured the first new generation 900 on a rotating platform that was cut in half, depicting a clear section of the entire body and engine. The new generation 900 also known as the “NG900” amongst the Saab community, also had a rotating “Safety” insert consisting of half of the Saab, to highlight how the key areas responded in a crash situation.

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Saab Owners Convention – 2006

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Photo Credits: Saab History

The 2006 Saab Owners Convention on August 25th, 26th and 27th at Lake George, New York was an excellent event, and good fun was had by all who attended.

soc_logo_200.jpgThe entire Saab USA Heritage Collection was on display, the workshops with Jak, John Moss and the Chuck Andrews oil presentations were a hit in the afternoon. In the evening, former PR directory Len Lonnegren, Million Mile Saab Owner, Peter Gilbert as well as President of Saab USA, Jay Spenchian’s “State of Saab” presentation were entertaining and inspiring and of course , last but not least, the Aero-X’s presence was surreal to see in person.

There was a rather large turnout and the weather held up until Sunday, when the event wrapped up following the Saab Automobile USA Roundtable where we had the opportunity to pose questions to the Saab USA team in an informal setting.

The organizing and coordination for this convention was impressive, especially with a committee that was formed last minute. A special thanks for everyone who volunteered countless hours in making it all come together for everyone to enjoy!

Here is the welcome letter from the SCNA President.

I would like to welcome you to the 2006 Saab Owners Owners Convention! Unless of course you are reading this about a month later than August 27th in which was, WOW, you missed a lot!

Some notes to start with:

Please take a minute on Saturday morning at around 7 AM to join our club and vote for the officers who are running for the Treasurer and Secretary positions and standing board members. As long as you are a member of the SCNA, we want your vote.

Also, take an hour or so and find our what your board has been doing for you. For and nour and a half or so. Stop by, sit down, bring coffee, join in!

Don’t forget the parts “hangar,” either. There should be some goodies in there and the opportunity to talk up some Saab folk. SCNA board members will be around as well.

In other SOC news, we already have a group who has expressed interest in sponsoring the SOC for 2007. Good folks with experience putting on conventions. That should be fun as well!

Not too much else to say other than the usual, we need volunteers for any number of tasks, we want your input as SCNA members, and I still need a washer reservoir for a Sonett II/ Monte Carlo.

Lester Ewing, President, SCNA

This convention is also listed on the Saab Convention Archive here on Saab History.

Here is the 16-page official convention booklet below, just click on the button to download.


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