Saab Automobile videos in the U.S.

Posted on 15. Aug, 2006 by in Orange, Connecticut

In an attempt during the summer of 2005 to start locating vintage saab footage, I managed to contact a current Saab Automobile Eastern Region employee in the United States at the Eastern Region Headquarters which is in Westchester County, New York. From our conversation, I found that many of the Saab videotapes were thrown out in their last departure from their Orange, Connecticut in 2002 at the Saab Automobile Eastern Region’s office. As sad as it was to hear this, I am fortunate that this project has begun because, slowly but surely through former employees and enthusiasts, we are seeing more videos showing up.

I wonder if someone was able to salvage any videos at Saab Automobile USA’s office in Norcross, Georgia in 2004 before they relocated to Detroit?

Saab Automobile USA’s last reign in Orange, Connecticut

15 Executive Boulevard
Orange, Connecticut


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