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Saab Sonett Trio

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Since it is still officially the 50th anniversary of the Saab Sonett I also lesser known as the Saab 94, I thought it would be appropriate to post my personal collection of Sonetts, of course in a more economical scale here in a dense city with parking spaces at a premium.

You will notice that the silver Sonett II and blue Sonett III also lesser known as the Saab 97 (not 9-7x), appear to resemble the Saab’s in the heritage collection on the previous post.

If you would like to know where you get these models, simply post a comment and I’ll get that information to you!


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50 Years of the Saab Sonett

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In 1956, Saab introduced the first Sonett Supert Sport, also known as the Saab Sonett 1, this year is the 50th anniversary of the Sonett. I am providing a press release from Saab along with some photos of their Sonett collection that the release speaks of.

Saab Sonett Celebrates 50 Years at Swedish Car Day –

Boston – The name sounds like a song. But in fact, the Saab Sonett sports car was originally named after the Swedish expression “så nätt”, meaning “so neat”. Now, half a century after the launch of the first generation, the Sonett is known the world over as Saab’s quintessential two-seat sport car. On Sunday, October 15, Saab fans will be gathering on the Swedish Car Day at the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts to celebrate the brand and 50 years of Saab Sonett in particular.

Among the participating cars will be several key members of the Saab Automobile USA heritage collection, including Sonetts of each generation: a priceless, dark orange 1956 Sonett I, a silver 1967 Sonett II 2-stroke and a recently acquired blue 1970 Sonett III V4. For directions and more information about the event, visit

The Saab Sonett I “Super Sport” was first unveiled at the 1956 Stockholm Auto Show, and made its North American debut later that year in New York. Originally designed to compete in a racing series that eventually never materialized, Saab only built 6 first-generation Sonetts – which all remain in existence today. sonett1now.jpg

Using contemporary Saab aircraft practices, the Sonett chassis was formed by a riveted aluminum box carrying a fiberglass roadster body. Utilizing the “high-performance” (57.5 bhp) version of the 3-cylinder 750cc 2-stroke engine found in the Saab model 93, the drivetrain was “reversed” so that the engine is behind the transmission and front wheel drive is retained. The 2-stroke engine rotates in the opposite direction from the production Saab sedans of the era to accommodate this reverse transmission layout.

Saab Automobile USA’s Heritage Collection Sonett I


Starting in 1967, the Sonett II represented Saab’s second, and much more ambitious foray into the world of two-seat sport cars. Aimed primarily at the North American market, the sporting intentions of this agile coupe were obvious since the race winning Model 96 Monte Carlo 2-stroke engine, fitted with three-carburetors, was specified as standard equipment. The fiberglass body was attached to a sheet steel frame featuring an integrated roll bar. An unusual one-piece front end hinged completely out of the way for easy access to the engine, transmission and front suspension components.

Saab Automobile USA’s Heritage Collection Sonett II

Capable of 0-60 acceleration times of 12.5 seconds and a top speed approaching 100 mph, only 258 Sonett II’s with the Monte Carlo spec engine were built during the two years of production. A subsequent, more powerful, V-4, four-stroke version of the Sonett II, distinguished by a bulge on the hood to accommodate the taller engine, brought more horsepower, more speed and a total of 1,868 cars built over the next three years.

Launched at the 1970 New York Auto Show, the third generation Saab Sonett was a significantly different car from its predecessor. The V-4 engine was tuned for more horsepower to compensate for the increases in size and weight in the new car.

Saab Automobile USA’s Heritage Collection Sonett III


In terms of styling, the Sonett III benefited from contributions by the Italian designer Sergio Coggiola, featuring bolder front and rear sections plus a new interior. In the back, the Sonett III gained a hinged rear window, offering easy access to the rear luggage compartment. In front, the new treatment included manually-operated pop-up headlights. In addition, features like air conditioning and a floor-mounted transmission shifter were added to meet the requests of U.S. dealers and buyers.

1974 turned out to be the last model year for the Saab Sonett, bringing the production total to 10,236 cars since inception. The very last Sonett to leave the factory in Arlöv, Sweden was bright yellow. It currently resides in the Saab Automobile factory museum in Trollhattan near Gothenburg, on the Swedish West Coast.

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SAAB 93 advertisement

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Searching across the internet today to see if there are any new videos that we have not yet seen before, I come across from the looks of it, a somewhat old one which is very interesting! It looks to be like a Saab 93 with a Saab Draken jet above it. I am guessing this video was done somewhere in the 1950s when the 93 was available, anyone know what year this might have been? I think this video should be posted to the archives which would make #250! You really never know what’s out there until you spend the time to look.

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Saab Gripen Promo

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saab_aerospace.gifSaab Technologies (formerly Saab Aerospace), has some of the most exciting promotional videos, so while I am on this fix of showing promotional videos, I thought I’d show you my two favorite ones of the Saab Gripen known as the JAS 39. Enjoy.

“Gripen – The Wings of your Future”
“The Future has arrived – Gripen in South Africa”

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Scania “Long Haul”, “Distribution” & “Construction” Promos

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200px-scania.pngScania keeps rolling along by hitting their demographic, complete with some good old rock and roll!

I want to be the first to thank Scania for introducing the Turbocharger to Saab. For all of your hard work, I am eternally grateful!

“Long Haul”



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Scania Safety Promo

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200px-scania.pngScania, a former partner with Saab as Saab-Scania, recently introduced a safety promo I think we should all take a look at. It would be nice to get this kind of support for the Saab Automobile. Perhaps this kind of technology would save more lives and prevent more accidents!

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Saab 9000 rare book

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Today, the rare Saab 9000 book published in 1986 by Automobilia arrived! There are only 3 left from the vendor from where I ordered the book from at this time. This is a great book and the full color photos and drawings are incredible!

Click on this link here to Order book directly from EWA in New Jersey. When ordering, please let the individuals know that you found out about the book from in order to get the special discounted price.

I have found in going through the book that some of the concept photos have not been shown elsewhere, so this book clearly has some photos that have been out of the public eye for a number of years.

This book by the way, comes in clear cellophane wrap, brand new.


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Saab Sighting of the Week

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The Saab Sighting of this week is a 9-3 from either 1999 to 2001. I caught it behind the Lincoln Memorial below the steps that lead nowhere, twising around the potomac river heading towards the Arlington Memorial Bridge.


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