“Saab – Nothing on Earth Comes Close”

Posted on 06. Sep, 2006 by in 1980-1989, 900

Today is a very special day, a DVD arrived in the mail from the Saab Owners Club of U.K. This DVD contained a few Saab ads from the 1980’s for the United Kingdom, including one that P. Halliday from the U.K., a frequent visitor and participant on alt.autos.saab newsgroup was looking for. As of today, look no further as we now have the video “Nothing on Earth Comes Close”, the original television ad that Hollywood movie producer Tony Scott filmed that led to his next film, “Top Gun” in 1986.

I wonder if P. Haliday still feels the same way he did some weeks ago that the footage as he puts it “just puts the hairs on the back of my neck up!“.

A special thank you goes to Keith Long of the Saab Club of Great Britain for expediting this TV advertisement to saabvideos.com for the global Saab community to enjoy!

For more information on the Saab Owners Club of the U.K., visit http://www.saabclub.co.uk

Television Advertisement: Saab – “Nothing On Earth Comes Close”
Year: 1985
Location: Great Britain

Please enjoy this classic footage below, but don’t leave without thanking those who worked hard to bring this footage to you by adding your comments below!

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4 Responses to ““Saab – Nothing on Earth Comes Close””

  1. Paul Halliday

    06. Sep, 2006

    Oh yeah! That’s it … and yes, it still “puts the hairs on the back of my neck up” and gives me a big grin. Excellent work finding that video. Great to see it again! Thanks a million!

    I must say, memory is a funny thing. I remember this ‘Nothing on Earth Comes Close’ advert very well indeed, but I’ve got it all muddled up with the ending from the SPG advert of 1988 … I can stitch it together myself now 🙂

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  2. James Augustynski

    15. Sep, 2006

    Note carefully, around 45 seconds, there is a shot of the hood… it’s a 9000 hood not a 900!

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  3. Karatcha

    16. Sep, 2006

    This ad was on-air in my country too. But that has cut down to 20 sec. But as I remember, all the progresses are right, but the car is the 9000. Not 900. After all thanks to you, I’ve been kept in in my machine for good!

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  4. Stone

    26. Nov, 2006

    Karatcha MUST be blind!!!

    I can spot a 900 ANYTIME

    thanks for the video FIRST TIME!
    watch out for a TOTALLY rebuild 900 (+250) gonna be kept as a classic. (airflow)

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