SAAB – The Great American Mountain Rallye – 1957

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In the spirit of Saab and for the continuation of Saab’s history, I have found another great story to post for my readers. In 1957, a year after SAAB Motors Inc. began selling SAAB’s in the United States, the Great American Mountain Rallye took place in Northern New England where SAAB took first place, in a Saab 93.

gamr1.JPG gamr2.JPG

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9 Responses to “SAAB – The Great American Mountain Rallye – 1957”

  1. Bob McNary

    18. Sep, 2006

    I just wanted to thank you for the great job you are doing with this website.Great stuff!!!! I love the Saab history items.That Finnish 96 Rally movie is awesome. I have never seen it before.
    Will look around for some old rally info for you.
    Keep Saabing!
    Saab Bob

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  2. Ryan

    18. Sep, 2006


    Thank you for your kind comments. I look forward to anything else you may be able to find.



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  3. Patricia Ktistes

    12. Feb, 2013

    Dear Ryan,

    Many thanks for this story, which I found online February 12, 2013. I am researching the Great American Mountain Rallye [sic] for Porsche Panorama Magazine and wonder if you have access to other such info on these rallies. I have found an article on the event in Auto Age (April 1956); interviewed a late team member from Porsche Club of America who entered in1956, and have Page One of an official route sheet, perhaps from the 1953 event. Would appreciate any further info.

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  4. Tom Householder

    20. Feb, 2013

    I ran across a partial photo of the 55 route survey cat that dates the 55 rallye as Nov 21 to 27th
    held by the Motor Sports Club of America inc. 184 E 93rd St. NYC

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  5. Patricia Ktistes

    20. Feb, 2013

    Hey, Tom,

    Thanks for responding.

    Was the partial photo that you saw of the ’55 event available online?

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  6. Henner Kroeper

    27. May, 2013

    Following my researches this GAMR took place in 1956. The Saab 93 cars were send to the US before the official import started.

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  7. Gary Hamilton

    26. Sep, 2017

    Patricia Ktistes:

    Trying to re-trace the Mountain Rally, can you provide any of the route instructions you may have?


    Gary Hamilton

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    • Gary Hamilton

      25. Feb, 2018

      We are planning to re-run the 1957 Great American Mountain Rally this fall.

      I am sure you are aware of the importance of this rally for SAAB cars with them running the SAAB 93 for the first time in the US.

      Below is a intro into our plans and a link to more info.

      Please feel free to contact me or Steve McKelvie if you have any questions.

      Save October 11 – 14, 2018 For The Great American Mountain Rally Revival

      In the fall of 2017 my friend and sometimes Rally Navigator Steve McKelvie posted on his blog a story about the 1954-1957 Great American Mountain Rally that was run through New England.

      This story peaked my curiosity, and being from New England thought it would be a cool idea to try and retrace the original route from the 1957 running.

      Through his rally contacts Steve was able acquire a copy of the original route instructions which were in narrative form. There were no mileages given; just directions to follow a road to the next town and continue on for almost 1100 miles up to the Canadian border and back down along the Hudson Valley to Poughkeepsie NY.

      Being a professional Land Surveyor who utilizes Google Earth and Garmin mapping products I set off to try and get the directions in writing onto a map.

      The original rally utilized the narrative instructions and the 1953 original Mobilgas Maps of Southern and Northern New England. Original copies of the maps were acquired and with those in hand I painstakingly traced the route in Google Earth and Garmin Basecamp software.

      At this point in time we have created a 3 day rally of approximately 800 miles which will traverse most of the original route. Over the next few months we will be performing a reconnoiter of the route utilizing the original documents and in car navigation.

      Come October 11-14-2018 The Great American Mountain Rally Revival will be run.

      For more details on the original running and the revival please see Steve’s blog below:

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    […] Since the Great American Mountain Rally in 1957 with the Saab 93, Saab has had an enthusiastic following in the rally circuit right into the present day. One of the teams that has really spent a lot of time and energy into the rally competition scene, has been the Saabworks Team. Team Saab works is managed by driver and co-driver James Fox and Ethan Maass of New England. If I am correct, I believe they have been in the rally scene before the turn of the century 19XX. I think Saab owners and enthusiasts worldwide owe these folks some great appreciation of the Saab Rally circuit by their continuation of a very long and well respected tradtion of the Saab Rallycross. Excellent job! […]

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