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It was interesting to see some of Saab’s focus on emphasizing their aircraft heritage with the advertising they did on Scandinavian Airline Systems aircraft over the past year on their commercial airliners. Saab Automobile applied decals to the windows of these Scandinavian Airline Systems jets that read “the aerodynamics comes from Saab”.


Saab has had not only a heritage of building jets for the military, they also have had experience in commercial air travel as well.

The Saab Scandia 90 was Saab’s first commercial aircraft, with its first flight in 1946 and its last flight in 1969. The only remaining Saab Scandia 90 is located at a museum in Brazil.

For more information on the Saab Scandia 90 visit


Saab also made two more current jet liners, both the Saab 340 that first flew in 1983 and is presently used in a number of international carriers. For more information on the Saab 340 visit

In addition, Saab also made the 2000 which first flew in 1992, and is also still in use today, although more limited than it’s predecessor. For more information on the 2000 visit


I would like to see more Saab Aircraft in wide use today in commercial air travel, especially since the recent trend is for more small planes than the jumbo planes such as the new Airbus A380.

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