The Birthplace of SAAB, Linköping, Sweden 1937

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With the 60-year anniversary right around the corner for SAAB, it is most appropriate to tell you that SAAB did not originally start in Trollhättan, Sweden where many believe it did. Saab Automobile actually started building the first model 92 in Linköping, Sweden 10 years after it started building the first military airplanes and jets.

“Linköping was a small town until 1937, when the SAAB aircraft industry was formed, starting a period of rapid expansion. Linköping University was established in the 1960s. Today the city is a center of high-technology and software industry.” – Wikipedia on Linköping, Sweden

SAAB Technologies is still present in Linköping today as is the Swedish Airfcraft Museum. I have provided photos from my trip back to Sweden during the summer of 2005.


For more information on SAAB Technologies visit


For more information on the Airplane Museum visit


For more information on Linkoping you can visit Linkoping on Wikipedia or Linköping’s main website

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