Saab 9-X Racing

Posted on 21. Oct, 2006 by in 1990-1999, 9-X

need_for_speed_4_high_stakes-front_thumbnails.jpgI have been getting a bit interested in the opportunities available for individuals to race Saab models such as the 9-X. I managed to pull an old game from my archives that was produced in 1999, called “Need For Speed 4”.

This game in the Need For Speed series of games by Electronic Arts was ironically was the only game that has a number of Saab models created for you to use. I will post more on this later including hopefully some videos of my driving abilities or lack thereof. I have however, managed to provide you some screen shots. I have not been involved in playing video games for a long, long time and I am actually admit that I am enjoying this break from reality.

You can purchase this game directly from Amazon by clicking on the “Need For Speed IV” link on the left-hand column on this website just below the google ads.

There are a number of other Saab models to choose from, so I will provide more information as I can, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos!




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