Saab 9-x racing video

Posted on 23. Oct, 2006 by in 2000-2009, 9-X

Well, I finally managed to show you a video of my weekend racing in a Saab 9-x concept car. You will notice that at the start of the race, the 9-3 Viggen (in red), beats me off the line by a long shot! I suppose the gear ratios are different in the 9-X than the 9-3 Viggen?

I think one thing is for sure as I watch this video, my driving skills are okay, but as I run into a few obstacles, the steering and suspension start showing immediate signs of failure because you will notice my turning ability by the end of the race becomes almost non-existent. I also seem to have a problem in this video with speeding tickets. I hope I can learn from my mistakes in this video and show some new skills in a future video.

You can purchase this game directly from Amazon by clicking on the “Need For Speed IV” link on the left-hand column on this website just below the google ads.

Enjoy the clip and let me know what you think by posting your comments below!

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5 Responses to “Saab 9-x racing video”

  1. zach leighton

    24. Oct, 2006

    Nice video, what game is that? I’m guessing you modded it.. your a good driver hitting trees and trucks and stuff 😛

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  2. ryanoe9000

    24. Oct, 2006


    The driving is difficult in this game, and you may not know that once you have one accident, the steering, suspension and other vital components begin to loose their accuracy in this game which is very realistic. This situation becomes very clear towards the end of the race when the steering is almost non-existent.

    I have provided a link for those interested in the game on the main page of the website to buy a copy for themselves. Once you buy the game, I can provide you the Saab vehicles to add to it.

    The game is “Need For Speed 4: Hot Pursuit”. The link is below the Saab Museum logo on the left-hand column.

    – R

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  3. Ted Y

    25. Oct, 2006

    Gotta remember: NEVER ride with anyone named Ryan;-))

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  4. ryanoe9000

    25. Oct, 2006

    Thanks Ted.

    I have another video coming with a 9000 Turbo. You will see my driving ability has somewhat improved but marginal at best. I think I need a better controller than the keyboard I am using here.

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  5. ryanoe9000

    25. Oct, 2006

    Ted and Zach,

    There is a new racing video posted today, let me know your thoughts.

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