Saab Rally Teams – New England, cont.

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Geoff Clark, driver for Team Gudmund, first started rallying in TSD rallies early in 1998.He purchased his first ProRally car, a 1976 SAAB 99 at the end of 1999.Geoff first got interested in rallying when he saw a commercial with a rally car in it back in the early 1980s. His interest in SAABs sprang up around the same time when his father bought a 1975 SAAB 99.

Chris Morand, co-driver for Team Gudmund, first started rallying with Clark in early 1999. His interest in SAABs started around the same time, when Clark let him drive his 1985 SPG. From that moment on, Chris was addicted. Chris first strapped into the silly seat at the 2000 Ski Sawmill Rallyright rally school/rally where he learned navigational skills and Geoff practiced driving skills. The two have also competed in the 2000 Maine Forest ProRally and will soon be competing in the 2001 Maine Forest ProRally.

The car is a 1976 SAAB 99 built for rallying. It has a full rollcage that extends through the firewall to the front bumpers and reinforcements all over. The engine is a slightly higer compression B engine with forged pistons, a ’73 EMS cam, and SAAB Sport and Rally headers.The transmission is a quick ratio five speed.

I look forward to any updates their team might have regarding their new rally schedule. Their “Newbury Comics” sponsored Saab 99 Rally car is always an exciting sight!



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