Saab 9-X Promotional book – 2001

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In 2001, Saab Automobile AB in Sweden published a promotional book for the 9-X for automobile journalists. This book was made with an interesting assortment of specified materials such as a rubber cover with inside jacket in a tire-tread pattern, sleeves in transparent clear film, and a somewhat foam material on the exterior binding. I think that the book in many ways parallel’s the design and material choices of the Saab 9-X concept car, and it certainly gets your attention!

The following photographs were provided to Saab History by Elkparts. Elkparts has one copy of this book, and hopefully with your help, Saab History can obtain another copy that may be lurking around this great world of ours.

Enjoy the photographs! This book will be a great find, but a rare one at that!










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  1. john

    29. Nov, 2006

    mmm, nice photos 😉

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  2. ryanoe9000

    29. Nov, 2006

    Thanks. I don’t see any other comments in here, I thought I would have. 🙂

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  3. QC.SB

    18. Feb, 2009

    One for sale at the moment on eBay!

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