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In 1944, believe it or not, Saab made a number of boats too, 250 in fact.


Here is a passage from the book “The Saab Spirit”

“A graveyard of Saab shot skywards like its planes. The seemingly inevitable World War came and, when its end was finally in sight, the firm’s director’s Ragnar Wahrgren and Sven Otterbeck started to think about alternatives. Who would need fighter planes once the war was over? It appeared to be more lucrative to build light and durable rowing boats out of aluminum rather than planes. Seriously, in 1944 this idea was top of the list in plans for the future of Saab – ahead of prefabricated houses and built-in kitchen equipment.
But instead of ending, the ware flared up again even more violently and drove away these ideas. Prefabricated houses, kitchen equipment and light aluminum boats went down the drain.
The decision not to build boats was not a difficult one for the plane manufacturers. They built 250 of these little aluminum craft with a pair of small aerofoils under the boat and they sold a few in Africa but it was just not possible to turn them into a profitable business. The boats were good on the water but not on the market. Saab concluded its excursion into the boat building business industry and scuttled the small aluminum boats. The traces of this nautical escapade disappered with a short gurgle. They can still be viewed by experienced divers: the graveyard of the small aluminum boats is on the bottom of Lake Vänern near Trollhättan.

Here is the lake where a number of these boats are stilll apparently located in.

Lake Vänern

For more information on Lake Vänern, visit.


Magnus Bjork, a Saab Enthusiast in France owns a Saab boat.

Here is what he says about it.

This is the oldest SAAB that I have. It is an original SAAB made aluminium boat, it has
“serial” number 26

For more information about Magnus Bjork’s website, visit


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  1. Boats for Sale

    17. Sep, 2009

    “with a pair of small aerofoils under the boat”

    Interesting that this concept is being used extensivly now to push out the speed barrier on both yachts an power boats. Maybe the SAAB boat was simply ahead of its time

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  2. H.v.d.Laan.

    09. Jun, 2010

    When you ever think about to sell the boot we would like to buy him for our saabmuseum.
    kind regards,

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