Saab Parking Meters – Boston, Massachusetts

Posted on 11. Jan, 2007 by in 2000-2009, 900, Boston, Massachusetts, New England

I have been in Boston for a few days en-route to my ski trip to Maine this weekend. I must say that it is an incredible sight to see all of the Saab Automobiles ranging from all years here. This volume of Saab automobiles in Boston is not surprising given that 40% of Saab’s market is in the North East. As you may know, Saab Automobile started in Boston, Massachusetts in 1956 with the Saab 93, click here for an original video taken that shows the Saab 93 being unloaded from a ship in Boston.

In between all of the Saab Sightings, I have noticed a parking meter among other things on Newbury Street identical to the ones that I indicated that were recently installed on Elm Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. These parking meters are extremely significant because for some reason, they feature a classic Saab 900 3-door hatchback in red so detailed that even the headlight wipers are properly indicated (Model year 1991-1993). When I noticed this meter, I had my camera handy so I have been able to provide you some better photos of these parking meters. Enjoy.



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