Sanddodgers Conclude Charity Drive

Posted on 17. Jan, 2007 by in 2000-2009, 99

Team Sanddodgers just completed their trip from Plymouth to Banjul and just headed back to the U.K.

I have provided their last photo and video with their trusty SAAB 99. I hope that they can shed some light as to the status of their SAAB 99 that did not make the trip back to the U.K.

This just in from Farley.

Update: The saab has been handed over to the rally committe now and will be auctioned next week (probably) for local charities. You can see how much it goes for on the plymouth-banjul website ( under the charities link, they will post the auction profits once they are done.

Congratulations Farley, Gareth, and Pete on keeping the your readers interested through your extremely well documented journey.

For more information on Team Sanddodgers, please visit


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