NESA, 10th Anniversary 1997-2007

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of when the New England Saab Association was founded.


Here is some background about the New England Saab Association from start until the present.

In 1997, I designed a website for owners and enthusiasts of the Saab Automobile for the sole purpose of attracting others and sharing ideas and creating a medium where Saab owners in the New England area could communicate with one another. The New England Saab Association began.

By 1998, the New England Saab Association started a grassroots promotional marketing campaign throughout New England by targeting Saab owners of all demographics and geographics within the New England area. The objective of this campaign was to promote the Saab brand through the growth of a regional support base of motivated Saab Enthusiasts.

In 1999, the New England Saab Association’s campaign and internet marketing efforts began to gain recognization internationally by the Saab Automobile Museum in Trollhätten, Sweden and was featured on the International Saab Club Newsletter by Gösta Jakfors, Museum Saab Club coordinator.

By 2000, the website had developed into an organization when I held the first meeting in Waltham, Massachusetts. That year, the website had formerly transitioned into an organization now known as the New England Saab Association and the website address was acquired. Once the formal organization of the organization came to be, I then became acting president and began accepting membership applications, organizing monthly events and soliciting corporate sponsors. That same year, the club elected officers and filed as a non-profit organization (501-3C) and started collaborating on events with Saab Automobile USAm such as the working the Saab Booth at the Boston Auto Show and other organizations throughout the region. That year was a turning point for the organization which has recognized by Saab Cars USA in Norcross, Georgia and reflected on their website.

Here is a quote from our secretary in the early years.

“There was a clear lack of, and increasingly popular need for a club presence in the Northeast. A brief look at previous and current clubs* in the area revealed the fact that there were no current all-inclusive Saab clubs based throughout the New England region, and as far as we could tell, there never had been. And this, despite the fact that Saabs first gained a stronghold in this country back in the ’50s and ’60s due in large part to their popularity in New England, and their suitability for New England winters.”

2001, was a busy year filled with events such as Summer Picnic in Maine, Saab Rally, participating at the Boston Auto Show and the first Saab Owners Gathering in parallel to the official Saab Owners Convention with special guests, John Moss, formerly of Saab USA for 30 plus years and Mr. Ralph Millet, the first president of SAAB Motors Inc, the individual responsible for bringing the Saab Idea to the United States in 1956.

2002 was another solid year with a complete lineup of new and exciting events as well as annual co-sponsored events that people continued to look forward to, year after year such as Swedish Car Day, in its 3rd year running. This year was the second year of the Saab Owners Gathering that took place again in North Conway, New Hampshire with guest speaker, Lennart Lonnegren, former PR Director of Saab-Scania of America, Inc.

2003 included a continued lineup of events, with some new additions such as a Saab Run in Vermont along Route 100 as well as a driver skills training program. All events were well received by all that attended.

2004, marked another exciting year for the club running a Saab Owners Gathering, this time at Mount Snow, Vermont in addition to an explosive growth of the popular “Saab Runs”, including the Claremont Saab Run and where New England Saab Association members attended the Pennsylvania Saab clubs annual event, Saabtoberfest .

In 2005, the hallmark achievement of the club was the facilitating of the 2005 Saab Owners Convention in Stratton, Vermont with guest speakers, Jay Spenchian, new President of Saab Automobile USA, along with Erik Carlsson Rally Legend and Peter Backström, curator of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Saab owners and enthusiasts in the New England area and elsewhere have enjoyed the participating and assisting with New England Saab Associations activities. With the numerous events that have been had over the years including the running of Saab Owners Gatherings for Saab enthusiasts that live in the North East and cannot make it to a Saab Owners Convention across the country, the outlook has never looked brighter.

The New England Saab Association is a community of owners and enthusiasts who gather to drive, socialize and learn about Saabs and is organized by Saab owners and enthusiasts from the surrounding New England area.

For more information on the New England Saab Association, please visit


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