Saab Development Center for Car Recycling (SDCC)

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The Saab Development Center for Car Recycling in Trollhättan, Sweden, also known as the SDCC has got to be the leader in providing hard-to-find Saab parts and accessories, unfortunately they are not in the business of shipping worldwide. This center has just about every genuine Saab part and accessory you could ever imagine. If you get the chance to visit Sweden this summer for the 60th Anniversary Saab Festival , you will be in for an overwhelming experience for rare and hard-to-find items that you never new were available, brand new!

Here is a quote about the SDCC facility as shown here

Saab Development Center for Car recycling, SDCC, has got the largest range of new and near new Original Spare Parts and Accessories for Saab in Sweden. And this at a very attractive price level.

Outlet of NOS parts at the Saab Festival to all Saab Enthusiasts!
SDCC will be having a 1200 m2 outlet with brand new Saab Genuine Parts and Accessories from Saabs Spare Parts Center at “once-in-a-lifetime” prices.

Parts are mainly for Saab 900 ”Classic” 1979-93 och Saab 9000 1985-98. But there will also be parts for newer models available, and you might even find the occasional part for older models.

If you get the chance to get over to Sweden this summer, I highly recommend visiting this facility which is located just to the right of the Saab Museum in the photo below and working out the necessary arrangements to ship any of the items back to your home country. I have also provided some detailed photos show just how many Saab parts and accessories fill the facility. The prices were extremely low, and when I mean low, we’re talking junk-yard prices for brand new genuine Saab parts, and sometimes even less than that!

Enjoy some photos below that I took in the summer of 2005 while attending the Saab Festival in Sweden.







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2 Responses to “Saab Development Center for Car Recycling (SDCC)”

  1. 1985 Gripen

    01. Feb, 2007

    Some of the major third-party SAAB parts suppliers would do well to go over there with a pocket full of cash, buy the stuff for pennies on the dollar, import them to their own country and sell them for a hefty markup.

    Did I see that right that there are C900 airflow kits!?!? Man, I’d love one of those for my C900 but fat chance I’ll be able to make it to Sweden. Don’t tease me!

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  2. ryanoe9000

    01. Feb, 2007

    1985 Gripen,

    Those particular air flow kits are for the 9000 CD, but I saw others there for the C900 as well as the C900 for about $350 USD, which is a very low price for a brand new, nearly impossible to find Saab Accessory!

    The more individuals that can get to the Festival, the better for Saab Enthusiasts worldwide in my opinion.

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