Technology transfer takes flight, and it flows both ways

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On the topic of Saab Aircraft and Saab Automotive, here is quote from 1986 by a spokesperson of Saab-Scania of America, Inc. when they were located in Orange, Connecticut.

The aerospace connection; technology transfer takes flight, and it flows both ways – auto industry

Ward’s Auto World, July, 1986 by Drew Winter

“It’s not all hype,” says Daniel Petit, a spokesman for Saab-Scania of America Inc. He says engineers from Saab’s aerospace operations contribute to design and development of Saab car interior ergonomics, seats, dashboard designs and illumination, plastic material usage, vehicle electronics, metal-bonding techniques, and metal fatigue testing.

Aerospace engineers also helped to develop a wireless ignition system, improving Saab truck aerodynamics, and even aided in development of carbon-fiber suspension arms for Saab race cars. The Aircraft Div.’s Cray super-computer, Mr. Petit says, is tapped for auto design work and crash testing.


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