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125px-flag_of_swedensvg.pngMany have sent in e-mails recently stating that Saab Automobile is no longer affiliated with the Aircraft industry, while this is presently true, it is important to provide information as to when Saab started aircraft as well as automobile operations in Sweden.

Here are some important dates in time for Sweden’s aircraft and automotive industry.

In 1914, the Swedish Aircraft industry began as Södertalje Werkstäders Aviatikavdelning
In 1921, Swedish Aero was formed in Lidingö, Sweden.
In 1932, Swedish Aero was bought out by what is known as Aktie Bolaget Svenska Järnvägsverkstädernas Aeroplanavdelning (ASJA) and formed in Linköping, Sweden.
In 1937, Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolaget (Swedish Aircraft Company) known as SAAB was formed in Trollhättan, Sweden and Linköping, Sweden, dissolving ASJA. (Aircraft operations formed)
In 1947, SAAB began making automobiles after World War II in Linköping, Sweden, then Trollhättan, Sweden (Automobile operations formed)

The First SAAB Aircraft that went into production was known as the B17 and was made in Trollhättan and Linköping, Sweden

Photo Credit: SAAB AB, Linköping, Sweden (1969)

The First SAAB Automobile that went into product was known as the 92A and was also made Linköping and in Trollhättan, Sweden.

Photo Credit: Saab Automobile AB, Trollhättan, Sweden (1969)

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