A 1970 SAAB 96 Drives Again – Maine, USA

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Photo & Video Credits: ATPowers

Saab Enthusiast, ATPowers in Maine, the same state that has the equivalent moose population in relation to their human population as Sweden does, has recently restored his 1970 SAAB 96. He has provided us information, photographs as well as a video showing various stages of the restoration of this classic SAAB model.


His history with the Saab brand goes back to his first Saab that he owned while in College which was a SAAB 99E. He has also owned a few Classic 900’s over the years as well. The SAAB 96 is his first in this series. His interest with the Saab brand did not stop there as Mr. Power states, his Brother also had a passion for the brand during his lifetime. This passion led to owning 2 to 3 Saab models at any given time.


The SAAB 96 project was an inspiration to complete something that his brother Ray would have liked to have done if possible.

Mr. Powers, provides the details about this inspiration below in his own words.

“The car was my brothers daily driver in the late 80’s then went into storage for more than 10 years. The car has been a total restoration and was completely disasembled to a bare shell, rocker panels replaced and all paint removed and then restored to the original color.


Unfortunately original parts for these cars are getting very difficult to find here in the Northeast, but the car remains as original as possible with the exception of engine changes ie. ported intake for two barrel webber, larger valves, lightened flywheel, pertronix ignition, and electric cooling fan to name a few changes.


I started the restoration in 2000 with my son Carson who was 10 years old at the time. I am only home 6 months a year. We pretty much finished summer of 2004 and drove the car for the first time. A few small jobs remain and some rechroming of bumpers is being done now.”

– ATPowers


This project was not possible without the help from an individual by the name of Mike Ryan of Energy Dynamics in Wiscasset, Maine. Energy Dynamics was responsible for restoring a bare engine block that Mr. Powers provided them, and they returned with a perfectly running engine and gearbox upgraded to vintage “Ice Racing” Specifications as mentioned previously. Mr. Power’s states that Mike Ryan is also a “true SAAB enthusiast” and in my recent dialog with Mike Ryan of Energy Dynamics, he indicates that he also has a 1970 SAAB 96 shell waiting for his own restoration in the near future!

It is terrific to hear about inspirational stories like this from devoted Saab enthusiasts that felt a true need complete an incredible restoration project on a classic SAAB, such as the 96. It is clear that the passion for the brand is still very much alive today as exhibited in this story by being passed onto a loved one, who was able to kindly share this story with us all here.

Thank you for providing us with your story, photographs and video clip so that others could share in the same passion for the brand as you have shown us.

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