SAAB 93 – The First Saab in the United States 1957

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The 1957 SAAB model 93, was the first SAAB to be officially exported from Sweden to the United States. The SAAB 93 had a production run between 1956 and 1959 and was the successor to the first SAAB model, the 92.

I have provided a promotional video I put together with some photographs and video clips of the SAAB 93 for your continued enjoyment and educational experience on this classic model. This video includes a number of highlights including vintage photography, a radio spot, television advertisement as well as a rare home video of SAAB 93s being hoisted from from a ship from Sweden, in Boston, Massachusetts.

You will notice that in the home video portion of the film, Ralph Millet, the individual that brought SAAB to the United States and the first SAAB President is shown in the film, early on exiting the vehicle.

(The blurriness is this home movie is due to the type of equipment used, which was an 8mm video recorder)

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  1. Dr. Aleit Pretorius

    30. Jul, 2011

    What lovely nostalgia! I am the owner of a 1957 Saab 93. Found on a scrapheap outside Johannesburg. In the process of restoration. Spares are a nightmare in South Africa.

    Thank you for the lovely snippet!

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