Erik “On The Roof” Carlsson & The SAAB 96 – Photography

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Earlier this week I had provided you a photo of Erik Carlsson’s 1966 SAAB 96 RAC Rally car that is part of the Saab Automobile USA Heritage Collection. As a follow up to that piece as well as the rally video footage following that, I thought I should provide you a number of pieces of vintage photography that covers some of Erik “On the roof” Carlsson’s glory days in the rally scene.

These photos cover Erik Carlsson at rallies such as the RAC Rally, the Safari Rally & Monte-Carlo.

Here is also a link once again for more information on the legendary Erik “on the roof” Carlsson and his rally history.

Photo Credits: Saab Automobile


Erik Carlsson at the 1964 Monte-Carlo Rally


Erik Carlsson & Pat Moss at the 1964 Monte-Carlo Rally


Erik Carlsson at the RAC_Rally


Erik “On the Roof” Carlsson at the East African Safari Rally in 1962


Erik Carlsson with his SAAB 96 at the 1961 Swedish Rally, victory went to Carl-Magnus Skogh”


Erik Carlsson at the Monte-Carlo Rally in 1964

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5 Responses to “Erik “On The Roof” Carlsson & The SAAB 96 – Photography”

  1. Daniel González

    23. Dec, 2007

    Very nice photos!!!
    Only minor errors:
    The first picture is not in 1964, it´s in 1962 Monte Rally and the third and last are in the same rally but in 1963.

    Daniel González

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  2. Jim McConville

    07. Jan, 2014

    A friend of mine, Louise Johnson, told me that she bought the SAAB 96 from Eric Carlsson sometime in the mid sixties in South Africa. She was wondering where it is now.
    Jim McConville

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