The Saab 9000 Film – 1984

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Finally, the Saab 9000 Promotional Film created in 1984 has arrived and it is now available, so remember, you’ve seen it here first.


Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

This film covers the introduction, development and production of the Saab 9000, all 10 years and 2 million miles of testing.

The film as well as the others, would not be possible without the gratious donation of films by former Saab Cars USA employee, John Moss.

Another special thanks to those that gave financial donations towards the project for making this possible by turning the 16 millimeter film into digital format.

A memorable donation to the Saab community all of you, thank you.

Donations to this project were received from the following individuals:

Aaron C. Gilbert at in Washington State, United States
Andy Ponnaz of Swisslodge in Bankok, Thailand
Anders Jenson of in Sweden
Carl Levine of Granite Embedded Systems, maker of the Saab AudioTroll in Greenland, New Hampshire.

I look forward to working with anyone else in the future on the remaining two 16 films we need to convert, plus 3 new additional, more recent films, to complete the project. I will be providing a poll in the coming days on what you would like to see next.

The film below has taken a long time to get to this stage, but the content is well worth every minute of your time. Enjoy!

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8 Responses to “The Saab 9000 Film – 1984”

  1. Aaron Gilbert

    25. Mar, 2007

    This is a great video for any Saab lover, especially fans of the 9000 series. It’s almost unbelievable just how far back the development began for a car that was not released until 1984! It’s amazing to see just how much went into the design and testing of what’s clearly a unique and breakthrough vehicle. The fact that design began in the mid-70’s makes the accomplishment even more impressive. This is especially true because even the early generation 9000 will hold it’s own in most key areas with cars of today, 20 years newer! Just imagine how much better all cars could be if manufacturers spent as much time and effort as Saab put into the 9000!

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  2. alvaro isla

    26. Mar, 2007

    Was the 9000 that make me aware of SAAB. Now I love all the SAAB line but the 9000 remains for me the best balance car ever. Design, performace, size, comfort, luxury, quality, economy and reliability.
    Thank you for this video and for this web site. I hope you make them available for purchase.

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  3. Doive

    07. Apr, 2007

    The Saab 9000 is a great piece of automotive design, the thought and engineering skills that went into the 10 year development cycle can be clearly seen in my 1994 model, the 160,000 miles a testament to the build quality with original parts only needing replaced now. Must have been something happening with the car industry back in the mid 70s and early 80s – the 9000 took ten years to develop from 1974 to 1984, and likewise the Jaguar XJ40 project took ten years from 1976 to 1986 before entering production as the XJ6. The Jaguar didn’t quite have the same build quality though.

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  4. Pedro Serro

    06. Sep, 2007

    I am a saab lover since i was ten years old; i was catched by the futuristic and unusual shapes, great interiors, and to me, even the engine sound was different from most common cars seen in Portugal at the time, specially on turbo models. Now i’m forty and i’m still fascinated with these cars, specially pre-GM models, although i see some of the old carisma in the saab 95 year 1998 on.
    My daily driving is a 9000 cs with 350 000 KM, and also a 900 turbo s cabrio with 180 000 KM for the shiny days. I feel so great driving these cars, giving a special note to the balance and performance of the 9000, and to the driving pleasure and eternal shapes of the cabriolet not to mention many other things. With 15 and 16 years respectivelly, and some thousands of Km’s on, my two daily saabs must change some parts once in a while, due to the wear, but i find them reliable after all, although the bigger electronic’s of the 9000, with age, makes it more expensive to keep than simplier earlier models (i also have a 96 v4 of 1971 and a 900 turbo 8v 1982), and i hope to keep on driving them in the future. Pedro Serro

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  5. Kuba

    25. May, 2009

    I own a second 9000 now. The car I was in love “at the first sight” when I saw a red cs aero at Earl’s Court Motor Show in 1993. Funny thing but if you want to make good looking car the best way is to employ Giugiaro and then after a couple of years restylize it. This happened in case of 9000 – someone added an agressive looking front and niice rear part of the car and the result is… the most beautiful car ever built (sorry to all of you who think 900/900NG/9-3 ore 9-5 are those “most beautiful ones). I used to own an 86 Audi 80 B2 – it was originally also Giugiaro’s design but the Germans changed it a bit in 1984 and the car looked much better. I think if you go deaper into history of car design you will find more examples like this. Wy I am writing this? I cannot find anywhere any information on who was this genius to design CS models. If any of you knows it let me know at

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  6. Pedro Serro

    28. May, 2010

    I believe that cs model is a Bjorn Ennval’s design creation.

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  7. kuba

    28. May, 2010

    Thanks, Pedro. It seems so as when the restyling was in process Ennval was a head of the design dept.

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  8. Bernard

    19. Apr, 2014

    Could you re-load this video, please?

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