1965 SAAB “MFI-13” Prototype – Saab Museum, Sweden

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile

The SAAB MFI-13 Prototype project was the successor of two competing projects that was designed as one of the concepts that would be used for the next production model which was the Sonett II. This prototype was built in parallel to the competition at the MFI factory in Malmö, Sweden. MFI stands for Malmö Flygindustri (MFI), the factory where the vehicle was built, hence the designation MFI. The number 13 was a number that was chosen because it was to be least chosen as an aircraft number, therefore it was a safe numerical designation for an automobile prototype. In 1968, SAAB purchased Malmö Flygindustri AB (MFI).

The MFI-13 was designed by Björn Karlström and Björn Andreasson.

The other vehicle that was being designed in parallel to this model was the “Catherina” (saabhistory website reference for catherina).

Here is an interesting bit from saabmuseum.com:

The MFI-13 is currently located at the Saab Museum in Sweden.

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