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sixten_small.jpgSixten Sason, was born in Sweden in 1912. By 1939, a self-taught illustrator notable for being responsible for designs with Hasselblad, Electrolux and Husqvarna from everything from cameras, refridgerators, waffle-irons, power-saws to even an early plan for a bridge across the Öresund to link Sweden to Denmark, now known as the Öresund Bridge completed in 2000, began work with SAAB.

Some of the first work that Sixten Sason was responsible for included the drawing of airplanes and other material during the Second World War while employed at SAAB. When the War was coming to an end, the company began shifting their strategies with the addition of automobile manufacturing. During this time of transition for the company, Sixten Sason was asked to contribute to the “Project 92″, that was introduced in 1947 as the first prototype for SAAB, the automobile manufacturer. This Prototype was known officially as the 92001 and later production model “92″ ,were inspired by the SAAB J21 plane. Sixten Sason contributed to a number of projects over the years including the 93, 94, 95, 96 and finally the 99 in 1967 until he passed away later that year.

The Saab 99 model went onto become a classic which saw the introduction to a number of industry leading technologies and design features including the wrap-around windshield, disc brakes, heated seats, introduction of the turbocharger and the first installment of the hatchback feature.

Sixten Sason is historically referred to as Saab Automobile’s first designer and had a major impact with his career at SAAB by the design elements that he first implemented that have now become key to Saab’s uniqueness in an increasingly complex and fast-paced industry.

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