1970 – The First Use of Headlight Wipers

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It is the SAAB 99 model that saw the introduction of headlight wipers in 1970. The electronical Headlight wiper and combination washer system were designed and integrated into the model and promoted as a safety feature. This feature continued in the wiper / washer form until 2001 on the 9-5 and 2003 with the 9-3 Convertible.

Today, the high pressure headlight washer is now the standard that is used in all of Saab Automobile’s models.

Here is a 1971 Finnish television advertisement complete with a transition thanks to Ilmarinen. This television advertisment the shows the headlight wiper & washer system on the 99 model in real-world application.

Translation of 1971 television advertisement from Finland:

When headlights are covered with mud, asphalt and salt, most of the luminosity
is lost. Dangerous at day and night.


If You own the eye washing Saab. It can see and it will be seen at all the time.
And eye washing Saab is safe investment in other respects too. It’s plates are
almost twice as thick than normally and all models are now eye washing.

Welcome to test drive the new Saab.

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3 Responses to “1970 – The First Use of Headlight Wipers”

  1. oly

    23. May, 2011

    Could you tell me WHEREis the button for the wipers for the lights in a saab??? I didn’t really find anything!!! If you could send a photo pointing where a button or a lever or something is, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

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  2. Anthony

    06. Dec, 2015

    Huh, Plymouth was the first car in 1969 I believe with the headlight washer/ wiper system.

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