SAAB 99 Combi coupe – Saab Museum, Sweden

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As a follow-up to the previous posting on the introduction to the Combi coupé, I have provided you some photos that of the Combi coupé I took at the newly renovated Saab Musem in Trollhättan, Sweden in June of 2005 during the Saab Festival. Enjoy.



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3 Responses to “SAAB 99 Combi coupe – Saab Museum, Sweden”

  1. David Drupa

    01. Aug, 2008

    My first car was a used 1974 Saab 99. Loved the car, but the reason you dont see any these days is that they were prepared and assembled by state sponsored drunkards. I still have SAAB club newsletter where American visitors to the Trollahtten plant observed workers miss large swaths of undercarriage while rustproofing. The described indifferent employees having conversations with others while their nozzles shot coatings in every way but where there intended target was.

    Water under the bridge now, but it would be nice to see one or two of these classic cars on the road now and then…

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  2. Ryan

    01. Aug, 2008


    Thanks for your comments.

    When did you visit the Saab factory in Sweden? I am guessing it was totally different in comparison to the footage on this site when you seach for ‘Saab Factory’, without the quotes.


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  3. David Drupa

    02. Aug, 2008

    I’m sure things have changed – I am referring to the mid to late 70s. I don’t have evidence that the the 80s were as bad in Trollhatten although I read that the Belgian plants were significantly worse than than the Swedish facilities.

    I’m not terribly interested in SAAB these days since they are under the control of one of America’s least inspiring car companies (you should hear the SAAB ads here on the east coast of the US! – they are miserably unflattering to the marque! – they actually describe the aerodynamic headlights as a feature! – depressing indeed – SAAB was once a proud and quirky brand)

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