New Saab 9-5 “Release Me” Television Advertisement

Posted on 06. Apr, 2007 by in 2000-2009, 9-5, Sweden

Here it is once again, the recent Saab 9-5 “Release Me” Television advertisement with Frida Öhrn as vocalist. I have said it before and I will say it again, this advertisement succeeds as being “emotional”.

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  1. Tony

    07. Apr, 2007

    Incredibly well done. That’s a commercial you would remember.

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  2. sarah

    09. Apr, 2007

    I don’t understand what is behind the chained up dog and shamu in the stadium along with ‘release me’ music is it underlying having a go at seaworld?

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  3. ryanoe9000

    09. Apr, 2007


    That is a good question. The dog being chained up and the shamu both appear to want to be released, from the chain and captivity respectively.

    These animal responses to being “restrained” appear to be a visual for the “Release Me” theme of the song as in the dog wants to be released, and the whale wants to escape captivitiy.

    I suppose both animals are being used as identifiable representations of being held back over a period of time until they cannot take it any longer and start fighting back.

    This creative advertisement decided to take these identifiable animals and extend their characteristics into the new Saab 9-5 as also being an animated object that wants to finally be free or independant from an owner that does not know how to appreciate it or “drive it” in the case of the new 9-5.

    These are just my opinions of course, I could be entirely mistaken.

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  4. sarah

    12. Apr, 2007

    Well thanks for getting back to me on that!
    I had wondered what else people thought, it was really bugging me and my friends didn’t have an opinion on it.

    I think I am on a very similar wave of thought, I see the use of the orca (Shamu) to be very clever as it is such a majestic creature and of course everyone loves dogs! I was unsure how it was linked to the new Saab as the issue around releasing animals in captivity (especially such as Shamu) is so big at the moment – I was actually surprised before writing my post that no one on this or any other site had commented as it is confusing what to think – weather sorry for Shamu and the dog as it is along with such powerful music, or if Shamu is to show some sort of beauty and power, in which case I suppose a wild orca would have been used.
    Anyway the advert certainly got my attention! – Mainly for the use of Shamu!

    I would be very interested to know the ideas of the creators of the advert and what SeaWorld’s reaction was also if they knew this was to be used as it does stir such emotion for the whale. – I guess I have many more questions!

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  5. Tom

    16. Apr, 2007

    Well as far as I know the car is some sort of hybrid, using hydroenergy combined with petrol. The car therefore is seeking to “release the power of nature”.
    Btw. the whale is not at seaworld, but at Miami’s Seaqarium, and yes, it has stirred emotions as the poor whale apparently is housed in the worlds smallest tank, and has been performing for 3(!!) decades. Poor creature…

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  6. Ceci

    16. Apr, 2007

    Thank you Tom for correcting that, I am so touched and thankful that Saab has chosen Lolita for this most important commercial. She has been stuck in that illegally undersized tank for over 30 years, and she is very ill. The Seaquarium has held on to her to squeeze every dime they can out of her before she dies. They are a filthy place run by a filthy company, Wometco Corp.; you can find all the details at www. . SAAB should win an award for an extremely well done message that truly gets the point across, my kudos to you SAAB!!!

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  7. Jess Moon

    16. Apr, 2007

    Love the ad, beautiful, creative and yes, very emotional. It’s wonderful they picked Lolita to show a very powerful example of how we should respect nature and not restrain it but to understand it. Very innovative car, eco friendly and green. Kudos to Saab for respecting and working with nature, be it a car or sentient being. I also wonder what Miami Seaquarium reaction will be if this ad is seen by them.

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  8. Alysia

    17. Apr, 2007

    That is not Shamu that is Lolita. She has been at the Miami Seaquarium in that tiny tank for 38 years. For more info on lolita visit or my website.


    P.S. Lolita is not ill, she is still a healty robust animal that could easily return to the ocean.

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  9. Rudo Banya

    01. Jul, 2007

    The advert clearly shows the depths of human greed, that poor whale belongs in the sea along with all the other whales.I hope more people that are compassionate enough to have been so moved by the song enough to go searching for the beautiful song by audi sign the petition on so that they free lolita i mean must we wait until all the fish are dead and all the animals too before we realize that we cannot eat money.
    Peace be to all who believe in freedom for all the creatures that inhabit this world and all the humans who know that the world is not ours alone. Well done to saab for highlighting the thirst for freedom that lives in all creatures

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  10. Jess Moon

    03. Jul, 2007

    Thanks Rudo for the link to the U.K. petition. I just signed it and will forward it to others. Please sign this other petition and forward it also for Lolita. The deadline is Feb but the petition author will make sure it’s delivered once the target of signatures is reached. Thanks so much!

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  11. Saabhistory

    20. Nov, 2007

    How is the status of the Orca, Lolita?

    Could someone please respond here for an update?

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  12. kate

    28. Jan, 2008

    i was wondering if you could please tell me the atrist and the name of the song featured on this tv advertisement.

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  13. SteveQ

    15. Mar, 2008

    The song is “release me” by a band called “oh laura”. The singer is Frida Öhrn. You can find it on youtube.

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  14. Suzanne

    19. Mar, 2008

    To remark on Sarah’s question about “Shamu”. Actually Sarah, the whale is “Lolita” who is one of two of wild captive orcas still alive. She lives in a substandard tank, where the widest part is only 80 feet. Being 22 feet in length, it is equivalent to a human being living in an 8 foot cell throughout a lifetime. To understand anything about these animals, just shows the cruelty that is being shown to an animal that deserves to be free, and reunited with her pod in Washington State. (The other wild orca still alive in captivity is “Corky” who is at SeaWorld in San Diego) FYI, in the 70’s over 97 orcas were taken out of the Washington State population and forced into tanks. Most of them perished within the first two years.
    Saab is to be commended to helping to raise the issue toward Lolita’s plight. Thank you Saab!

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  15. robert

    28. Apr, 2008

    The song in the SAAB add is emotional but I wonder if the song comes from Soul or Blues tune and had the Lyrics changed,
    or its original and just linked to the images.

    I feel that I have heard the song of similar before.

    Any comments would be appreciated. Robert

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  16. Saab History

    28. Apr, 2008


    That is a good question. Perhaps some of the people from Saab Automobile Sweden are reading this. I will also go ahead and e-mail this to the Laura Oh music group as well.



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  17. Daniel

    08. Jun, 2008

    This is an absolutely stunning commercial. One of the best I’ve ever seen.

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  18. Ryan

    09. Jun, 2008


    It is a great film, I hope to see more of them soon!

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  19. James Cullen

    26. Feb, 2010

    absolutly love the ad, the song i fell in love with! spare a thought for the person who wrote the song, what are they trying to say? the ad i think reflects that perfectly, actually sent an email to saab when the ad came out saying how much i loved it and they emaillled back! it included attachments and what felt like a genuine response, even better! suppose thats why i own a saab 🙂

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