Steve Shannon Replaces Jay Spenchian at Saab USA

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This just in from Saab Automobile USA

steve_shannon_4_07_small.jpgFor Immediate Release – April 16, 2007

Steve Shannon Replaces Jay Spenchian as Saab Automobile USA General Manager

Detroit – Steve Shannon has been named general manager, Saab Automobile USA. He replaces Jay Spenchian, who has been appointed executive director, GM Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing strategy and revenue management. Both appointments are effective immediately.

Shannon, 47, joined General Motors in 1982 and has held positions in field sales, marketing and product planning in both the United States and Europe. His most recent position was general manager of Buick. Starting in April 2005, he oversaw the launch of an array of critical new Buick products such as the Lucerne sedan and the Enclave crossover.

Prior to his role at Buick, Shannon had been the Executive Director of Marketing Services for GM’s Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing organization since 2000. There, he was responsible for supporting GM’s marketing divisions and the field sales organization for auto shows, dealer business meetings, creative services, vehicle event coordination and GM racing.

From 1997 until 2000, Shannon lived and worked in Europe as the Executive Director for General Motors Europe Marketing Services.

Steve Shannon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College in 1982 and a Master’s of Business Administration from the Columbia Graduate School of Business in 1986. He is married to wife Cindy, has three kids and resides in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

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3 Responses to “Steve Shannon Replaces Jay Spenchian at Saab USA”

  1. Georgia Smith

    22. May, 2008

    Hello Mr. Shannon,

    I hope that you have had a better week than I have had. I am the owner of a 2004 Saab 9_3. To my great disappointment, the transmission died on Saturday night 5/17/08 at 10:30 pm in Herndon, VA. Note, I live in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

    I had the car towed to the nearest Saab dealer, only to learn that the transmission was gone, with only 73, 000 miles on the car.

    The dealership suggested that I contact Saab of America for assistance. The cost to replace the transmission will be approximately $7,000.00.

    I contacted Saab of America, filed a service request (#71-628900166). I was told that it would be escalated and that someone would contact me in within 24 – 48 hours.

    After processing what was told to me, I called on Tuesday morning and had the unfortunate experience of speaking with Lupa Espinaza, who was one of the rudest customer service representative I had ever dealt with over the telephone and of no assistance.

    I requested to speak with his supervisor. So, I had the priviledge of speaking with Mr. Diego, who supported what Lupa had stated, “there were other customers ahead of me and someone would get it out of the basket whenever they could.” I asked to speak with his manager, he informed me that Billy Brackman is his manager, however, he only works in the back office doing the administrative work and doesn’t take call. Needless to say I was furious! I can’t believe this type of service is acceptable by a company, especially since we are in a service environment.

    I my search of trying to locate you, I came across an article
    ” Will Saab Survive” And I thought not if they have so many customer service request and can’t handle them. I have two cars (Toyota and a Sable) with over 200,000 miles on each, that are still in use, neither of which has had transmission issues.

    Well I just called Saab of America again (800-955-9007) only to learn that my file was finally assigned today to Mr. Gilbert Sanderson ( 866-790-5600 ext. 1128). So I left a message for him to Please call me at 856-979-8105.

    Is this how all customers are handle or did I just had a bad experience?

    I anxiously await your response.

    Georgia Smith
    102 Brentwood Drive
    Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

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  2. Cherie Leiker

    30. Jun, 2008

    Dear Mr. Shannon,

    I have been wanting to write to you for 2 months to let you know how “disappointed” I am with my Saab purchase. On April 21 of this year I went to the dealer and picked out a “used” 9.3 convertible with only 29,000 miles. One week later I noticed the high beam not working and returned to the dealer. They did not have the schematics for changing the relay switch and took it to a Saab dealer in the Marietta, Georgia suburb. Four days later I picked up the car and they noted in passing that they had also changed the battery without any discourse on why.

    Seven weeks later and many phone calls, lost job opportunities, 3 batteries and the NON USE of my automobile I know why. The car intermittently would not start as the battery was being drained due to some wiring issues.

    This car has been in a service garage (all of them Saab certified) for a total of 7 weeks and I have owned the car for 9 weeks. All of the situations the technicians were at a loss as to the real problem and sold me a battery or said they had isolated the problem when in fact they had not.

    I called your customer hotline at Saab USA and was met with a couple of people who sounded like they cared and a couple of who did call back in a timely manner nor offered any real help, just lots of rhetoric. In fact one of your customer care specialists should be relieved of their jobs, totally unsatisfactory performance in dealing with my problem and the options I had in dealing with this situation.

    A few people even suggested I trade it in and let some other poor unsuspecting person have their life impacted the way I have for the past two months. Inconvenience, lies, passiveness, non responsive communication and passing the buck are the only responses I heard from the people who were supposed to be certified and trained as technicians with this automobile.

    Now after 4 weeks and two “we got it fixed”, I am told this car has a wiring issue and it will cost me $2500 to fix (that includes the diagnostic fees). My problem is this, this should have been hooked up this test in the first week, which it wasn’t, and I feel really disappointed that I am expected to pay the costs for their learning/training session with my car. A true certified tech would have looked at the wiring the first week based on the history of this car’s malfunctioning behaviors and the battery being drained intermittently, making the car unreliable and non-driveable.

    To say I have been soured by this experience is an understatement, and as an adult I have purchased many cars previously and with no problems, ever. Cars that had more miles and infinitely more blemished than this one, and I was so pleased with my new purchase and looked forward to driving it. Now, I am not enamored with it or the service that Saab or your affiliates have provided. I know you are divesting or, that GM is divesting the Saab group along with the Hummer line, which makes me even more dubious about being an owner of this car.

    Any suggestions? Or am I writing to another Saab person who doesn’t care how their products perform or how they impact the people who buy and drive them.


    Cherie Leiker

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    01. Dec, 2009

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