1990 Saab 900 SPG – Saab USA Heritage Collection

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile USA

1990 SAAB 900 SPG

Launched in 1978 as a sensible evolution from the seminal 99, the first-generation Saab 900 lasted until 1993. With almost 909,000 built, the 900 is still the most-produced Saab – and widely regarded as one of the most charismatic.

The SPG (for Special Performance Group) model is the technological and emotional pinnacle of the “classic” 900 portfolio. It debuted at the Brussels auto show in January, 1984 as a banner vehicle for Saab’s next boost in the development of its highly successful turbocharged engine. Power increased to 175 horsepower, thanks to the application of an intercooler plus an entirely new cylinder head with 16 valves and two overhead camshafts. Sharp handling was ensured by a lowered chassis that included front and rear stabilizer bars.

The original show car had a Pearl White exterior, a lavish Colorado Red leather interior and was called “Turbo 16 Aero,” courtesy of the ground effects-enhancing front spoiler, flat three-spoke aluminum wheels and side skirts developed in cooperation with the MIRA wind tunnels in the United Kingdom.

After objections from General Motors, which was not affiliated with Saab and owned the Aero name at the time, the car was relabeled “Turbo 16S” in Europe and “SPG” in North America.

Between 1985 and 1991, more than 7,600 SPGs came to the United States, all three-door hatchbacks and fitted with a five-speed manual transmission. Combined mostly with Buffalo (dark) Grey leather interiors, the exterior color choice was limited to Black, Edwardian Grey, Beryl Green (1991 only) and Talladega Red, which became available for the last two model years.

The 1990 900 SPG in the Heritage Collection boasts an extra-special lineage, as it was originally owned by former Saab USA President Dan Chasins.

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5 Responses to “1990 Saab 900 SPG – Saab USA Heritage Collection”

  1. Carl

    23. Apr, 2007

    Hey, wait a second… I noticed this at SOC last year too — where are the SPG front panels between the bumper and front wheel opening? Those look like stock Turbo ones…


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  2. ryanoe9000

    23. Apr, 2007


    Good catch. The proper front bumper extension for that year are depicted in the “1990” section of the SPG history page posted back on December 5th, 2006 at this website address.


    I wonder how to get in touch with the folks at the Saab USA Heritage Collection to correct this inaccuracy of this model.

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  3. Logan

    16. Feb, 2010

    I love Saabs, my first car was bought for me 2 years ago, which was a 1989 900 Turbo 16-v, cherry Red 2 door mint, only 130,000 miles. I saw this picture way back and printed it out and my Goal was to get it to look like this=SPG. Now 2 years later, I have A SPG Body kit including wheel arch modings, 3 spoke SPG wheels, Luvers for the back window, clear blinkers front and side, badges removed expept for the Saab on the back and front sunroof visor, This car inspired me to put the money and time into it and it WAS WORTH IT, one of the best looking Saabs in Alaska.

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  4. peter

    26. Sep, 2011

    anyone know where i can find that front “saab” licence plate?

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