Saab Owners Convention – 1997

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Photo Credit: Unknown

saab_convention_1997_logo_200.jpgOn July 31st, 1997 Saab Cars, USA, Inc. held their “Jubilee” Saab Owners Convention in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire for 4 days to celebrate their ’50th Anniversary’ as an automobile manufacturer.

Photo above kindly provided by Bill Jacobson of Sports Car Service in Wilmingon, Delaware.

This convention began with a high performance driving school instructed by the Skip Barber racing school at the New Hampshire International Speedway with Saab 900 Turbos. On Friday, August 1st, the track day event continued with the attendees opportunity to take their own vehicles around the speedway at controlled speeds following a pace car. The following day featured the introduction of the debut of the new Saab 9-5 model following the dinner banquet and presentation by then President of Saab Cars, USA, Joel Manby. Throughout the convention there were also road rallys for the family as well as Saab Cultural, technical and informational seminars for those with a thirst for more Saab knowledge. With the track days, test drives, seminars, concours and swap meets, there were events for just about every Saab Enthusiast young and old and proved to be the largest assemblage of Saab owners and Enthusiasts ever at a convention.

Enjoy the video above that depicts this truly memorable event for Saab Automobile’s history in the United States.

This convention is also listed on the Saab Convention Archive here on Saab History.

Here is also the official convention booklet available for download below.


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