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On Friday, June 8th, 2007 I visited the ANA Trollhättan Saab dealership. ANA Trollhättan is the largest exclusive Saab dealership globally and is responsible for approximately 10,000 annual Saab automobile sales. The standard that ANA Trollhättan upholds places it with other exclusive Saab dealers worldwide as a “Saab Unlimited Partner”.

Sales of new Saab models are just a part of what this dealership provides with probably the most expansive Saab accessories shop and a service, body and paint shop as well.

The International Delivery Program, Special Saab program and the SDCC are also owned and operated by ANA Trollhättan.

ANA Trollhättan began as a Saab dealership in 1960 in downtown Trollhättan, then moved to its current location North of Trollhättan in 1974 just off of the major E45 highway.

The overall guided tour of ANA Trollhättan was quite impressive to say the least. The photographs below should give you a brief taste of what kind of premium experience one can expect at this Saab Unlimited dealership.

ANA Trollhättan AB
Kardanvägen 18
Box 921
461 29 Trollhättan

Tel. 0520-47 27 00
Fax. 0520-47 27 10

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