Saab Performance Team – Kinnekule, Sweden

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At the Kinnekule racetrack on Saturday, June 9th during the 60th Anniversary Saab Festival I managed to film the Saab Performance Team which was the culminating event for the day at the track.

The Saab Performance Team consists of 4 members, Kenneth Backlund, Bengt Dahl, Jean Pennholm and Kent Anderson who are also Saab engineers that work in Trollhättan, Sweden. The acrobatics and manuevers this team manages to perform in 4 stock Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan Aero models are simply incredible.

The film below below in terms of proximity and clarity is much better than my previous film of the team at the Saab Festival, two years ago at the 2005 Saab Festival and on par with the film of them in the Western, Massachusetts in 2006 for the Born From Jets campaign where they are referred to as the “Saab Peformance Drive Team”.

For more information about the Saab Performance Team, they have established their very own Myspace Page.

Enjoy the film below and please post your comments.

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