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Placido Domingo endorses Saab 9-5 BioPower in Madrid

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Photo Credit: Saab Automobile Spain



Placido Domingo endorses the 9-5 BioPower in Madrid

Placido Domingo, Spain’s famous tenor, has spent days in Madrid with a new challenge, to debut with a complete opera “Madama Butterfly”, in the pit of the Real Theater, while continuing with his famous international opera “Operalia” that he self-directs. Placido Domingo, with the help of the Environmental Ministry of Spain, has used a Saab 9-5 BioPower for his daily activities, thus contributing to obtain a greater quality of the air that we breathed in the cities.

The BioPower technology of Saab uses flexible fuel motors that work with bioethanol, an ecological and renewable power plant without resigning to the benefits. Saab is the first brand offering a complete range of environmentally friendly vehicles with the Environmental Ministry of Spain.

The Saab 9-5 BioPower is the most sold flexible fuel vehicle in Europe, where our clients are more ecologically conscientious, and with the expansion of the BioPower technology to range 9-3 the supply for the clients will be extended remarkably. In Spain, Saab already offers the 9-5 BioPower, that is waking up a great interest in large corporations and public administrations at state and local levels and, as of October with the incorporation of this technology to the 9-3 range, Saab hopes that this demand is extended.

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Saab History Maintains Book Library

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Saab History maintains book library

Saab History has taken on yet another great step in properly storing and preserving Saab’s history for the international community. The Saab Book Library that I maintain, has recently been updated with as many original copies of books that have been published to the collective knowledge of the Saab community. The Saab Book library currently consists of Thirty Five books which cover just about every aspect of the Saab Automobile’s airplane and automobile history.

This process of updating, categorizing and maintaining the library will continue until every book that has been published, is secured in the Saab History stacks, for the record.

In an effort to ensure that the library best reflects the books that have been published to this day, I ask that the Saab community contact me with any information on books that are currently not shown in the library, that should be.

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Saab BioPower Mobile Game Now Available

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The Saab BioPower Mobile game mentioned earlier this month, is now available for playing online directly at as well as downloading to your mobile phone after sending an SMS (Text Message) to the following Swedish #+46 737 494 050

Here is the message you receive after sending this message:

“Thank you for playing Saab BioPower Challenge. Use the link below to start your download.


To view the full details and specifications of this game, please visit the following link at the Stockholm based company Mobile Interaction, who are providing this service on behalf of Saab Automobile.

Here is the full press release by the company providing the services to Saab Automobile, Mobile Interaction below.


Saab launches BioPower Challenge from Mobile Interaction

Mobile Interaction helps Saab to take the step into a whole new world and make the 9-3 SportCombi the world’s first BioPower car in the mobile phone game arena. The campaign is produced in cooperation with Lowe Brindfors and Mobiento.

The idea behind BioPower Challenge is to drive a Saab 9-3 BioPower SportCombi between two locations in the shortest time possible. The game has three different levels to play: Inland, driving from Gothenburg to Trollhättan; Coast with a drive from Trollhättan to the Swedish village of Fiskebäckskil (where new Saab 9-3 will be launched this summer) and Mountain, where you drive on an icy road from Narvik in Norway to Jukkasjärvi in Sweden. The fastest driver wins. As a player of the BioPower Challenge you can compare your results with other players around the world by submitting your result to a global “high score” list.

The car in the game can be fuelled with either bioethanol or petrol. But choose wisely because just as in real life, choosing bioethanol means getting more power and performance out of your Saab BioPower car.

The Saab BioPower Challenge will be launched in week 28, at the same time as the international tennis tournament in Båstad. For budding “mobile phone drivers”, the game will be available via SMS text. To download the game, text SAAB to 71747 in Sweden and +46 737 494 050 in the rest of Europe. The game can also be downloaded by entering into the WAP browser of the mobile phone.
The game will also be available at end July.

About Mobile Interaction

Mobile Interaction is an independant company developing games and applications for the mobile Java platform (JavaME/J2ME), specializing in connected functionality and advertising technology.

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SAAB Depot Facility – Hingham, MA

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Photo Credit: SAAB Motors, Inc.

SAAB Motors, Inc. had a depot in addition to their service training facility in Hingham, Massachusetts where the SAABs were prepared for delivery at all of the dealerships in the United States.

What: SAAB Depot

Where: GSA Building (Demolished 2006) Shipyard Street, Hingham, Massachusetts

When: 1956 – 1961


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Sonett III – Redesign Competition

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Virtual Tuning Magazine’s Virtual Tuning Masters Series, 2007 Round Six featured a virtual re-design of the Sonett III and there were some incredible submissions. With this fun unofficial design exercise, there was a design that took second place, which in my opinion was the best executed design overall.


Photo Credit: HVTM.HU

To see the rest of the entries, click on the link here or watch the video mix that was also put together showcasing the entries.

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SAAB Service Training Facility – Hingham, MA

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Photo Credit: SAAB Motors, Inc.

In the United States, SAAB Motors, Inc. had their first official training facility in Hingham, Massachusetts. This SAAB Service training facility began operations shortly after the first shipment of two hundred and fifty of the first SAAB 93 models arrived for SAAB Motors, Inc. at the nearby depot, also in Hingham, Massachusetts.

According to the book, The SAAB Guide, it was none other than Rolf Melde, the chief engineer of SAAB Sweden who organized and operated this first stateside SAAB Service training school.

Here is a quote from the The SAAB Guide book about the service training facility.

The men who attended it were learning how to service a car by means of the latest instructional aids, including special films and sectionalized mock-ups of the car and its unique engine.

It is important to note that the first SAAB model 93 models were imported into the United States immediately following the successful victory of the Great American Mountain Rally that took place in New England in 1957.

What: SAAB Service Training Facility

Where: Hingham, Massachusetts (exact address not yet pinpointed)

When: 1956 – 1961

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The SAAB Guide – Book

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In 1961, an author by the name of Keith Ayling published a book called The SAAB Guide which has now been denoted in the Saab Book library for the record that is extremely rare clearly out of print.

saab_guide.jpgIn the 127 pages that this book includes, there are numerous vintage photographs as well as other important pieces of information regarding SAAB’s early history, with even a special chapter devoted to SAAB’s history in the United States from between 1956-1961.

There are ten chapters in the book that consist of the following: 1. The Birth of a “Wingless Airplane”, 2. Two Little White SAABS, 3. Roadability and Solid Comfort, 4. Why Front Wheel Drive?, 5. SAAB 95: A “Different” Station Wagon, 6. SAAB Granturismo 750, 7. Your Versatile SAAB, 8. Maintenance, 9. “The Little Sedan That Became a Racer”, 10. Formula Junior.

Thanks to visitor and Saab Enthusiast, Ted Yurkon for contributing an entire electronic version of this book that I will use to slowly dissect that information and convey it here on Saab history in the near future in the best possible way. Thank you Ted for all of your tireless efforts in getting this information out to all of us here.

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Saab Hobby turns into Saab Career

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Photo Credits: Scott Hutchings

Scott Hutchings, the President of the Saab Owners Club of Canada, has just provided Saab History a press release appropriately titled “What happens when a hobby becomes more than just a hobby“?

Christian Skovbjerg as pilot and Scott Hutchings as co-pilot have now officially launched Aktive Motors Inc, a Saab Sales & Service business in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am very excited for them about this venture and wish them well!

Here is the well written press release below:

What happens when a hobby becomes more than just a hobby?

You end up with something called Aktive Motors Inc.

Aktive Motors Inc. is the brain child of Christian Skovbjerg, a veteran of over 25 years of experience working on Saabs. Christian was educated in Sweden as an automotive engineer and worked for Saab Scania for many years, including roles such as Service Educator in Trollhättan at the head office for Saab.
Christian was also the first Saab Scania Master technician in the GTA.
He has worked in a number of the dealerships in the GTA and even spent some time in Singapore as a General Service Manager for a Saab/Porsche importer.

Obviously, Christian takes his “hobbies” very seriously.

This is where I come in. When Christian mentioned the idea of opening a Saab specialty shop to me, it was like a giant light bulb went on all of a sudden. “What would it be like to work in a place that deals with something that has become my greatest hobby?” Ideas started flowing and we started talking about this seriously. Christian wouldn’t have to do this on his own. I offered to work for him in whatever capacity he felt would fit. That was well over a year ago and on Tuesday July 3, we opened the doors on Aktive Motors Inc.
Don’t get me wrong, this is Christian’s business … he is the big cheese, the head honcho, the owner, but we will be building this business together.

Our mission is simple … to provide Saab owners with a place they feel at home, where they can come in for a coffee and a chat or have their Saab rebuilt from the ground up. We won’t be the cheapest place out there, but we also will not be cutting corners. When you come in for a brake job, you can expect the little things … like ensuring that you have had your brake fluid changed within the past 2 years. As part of our service, we will paint your callipers for you. Need an oil change? You’ll also get a complimentary wash and vacuum. Getting a major service on the car? We’ll take the extra time and detail your car for you.

We plan to have an extensive supply of new and used parts and are working with several suppliers of Saab performance parts. No longer will you have to order stuff from the US, the UK, or elsewhere. You will be able to buy in Canada and not worry about the hassles of customs, duties, or brokerage fees. And if we don’t have a relationship with a supplier, we will be happy to look into developing that. You will either be able to pick up the phone, stop by in person, or eventually, order on-line and have the parts shipped to you. Not only will we be able to supply the parts to a DYI’er, but we will also provide professional installation services for those not interested in getting their hands dirty.

Without any question, our focus will be on providing quality service and support for Saabs that no longer enjoy the benefits of warranty. However, for those who choose not to use the dealers for basic maintenance while your Saab is covered by the factory warranty, you will now have a place to go that will understand and care for your Saab with the highest level of professionalism available. If there is something on your Saab that requires the attention of your dealer, we will give you a full report and suggest that you take your car there.
Our objective is not to be in competition with the dealers, but simply to be an alternative to going to the local garage that knows nothing about Saabs. As a matter of fact, we will likely become one of the biggest customers of the dealers as they will be the main source of Saab parts for us.
There will be times when the best place for your car might be a dealership and the reverse could be just as true in other situations. By working with the dealerships instead of against them, we hope to be able to provide Saab owners with the best of all possible choices.

We will also be getting into selling “previously enjoyed” Saabs in the future. Exactly when that will be is hard to say as we need to focus on building the base business first. One thing you can be assured of is that we will approach those cars the same way as we approach our service … with professionalism and integrity. We take pride in the Saab brand and it will show in everything we do. When you come to see our Saabs, they will be clean and detailed and we will have them in proper working order for your test drive.

Our Saabs will also come with a warranty, something quite unheard of for use vehicles of any kind. And we aren’t talking about 3rd party warranties either … we will warranty the Saabs ourselves. We are still working on the details of this, but customers will be able to buy used Saabs with confidence. We have confidence in them, why shouldn’t our customers?

We are located at 886 Winston Churchill Road, just south of the QEW and Royal Windsor Drive. Our hours of operation will be Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM with extended hours until 8:00PM on Tuesday and Thursday, plus Saturdays from 8:00AM to 12:00PM. Our phone number is 905-842-0017. Our web site will be located at once we have it up and running.

Until we meet again, Happy Saabing!


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