Saab Automobile’s New XWD Haldex System

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Photo Credits: Saab Automobile & Haldex

Saab Automobile has recently launched what they call “XWD” which is commonly referred to know as “Cross-Wheel Drive”, synonymous with the common all-wheel drive technology on June 10th, 2007. This XWD technology was simultaneously launched as an integrated feature to the new Saab 9-3 platform beginning in model year 2008 due out this early fall.

haldex.jpgThe XWD Technology was developed by a company by the name of Haldex. Haldex is also a Swedish Company that has been operating with headquarters in Stockholm since 1985.

Here is the complete Presentation of the Haldex XWD system from June 12-14th on “Cross Wheel Drive” to download in PDF format.pdf_icon_small.jpg

This is another presentation that discusses the background as well as additional technical specifications and can be downloaded here.


Note: To download presentations in pdf format, right-click on icon and select “Save Link As”

Here is their original press release announcing this XWD technology integrated into the new Saab 9-3 platform:

6/12/2007 2:37:00 PM

Fourth generation All-Wheel Drive system from Haldex featured in the new SAAB 9-3 XWD

Stockholm, Sweden, June 12, 2007 – Haldex systems featured on the new SAAB 9-3 vehicle line with All-Wheel Drive (AWD), introduced as Cross Wheel Drive (XWD) and launched to mark the automaker’s 60th anniversary

Haldex will supply SAAB Automobile with an electronic AWD-system, based on the fourth generation of its established Haldex Limited Slip Coupling and the all new, evolutionary Haldex electronic Limited Slip Differential (Haldex XWD) developed from the Haldex product platform of limited slip differentials.

Employed in conjunction with the Haldex coupling, the electronically controlled add-on module integrates in the power and control systems of the longitudinal device thus offering a flexible and cost effective solution for further enhanced vehicle dynamics. It can be optionally used in the vehicle product lines to control the side-to-side torque distribution and constitutes an efficient alternative relative brake based systems which dissipate power for control. The limited weight and size maximizes performance with minimal impact on fuel economy. For more detailed information regarding Haldex XWD,

The Haldex coupling and Haldex XWD will be manufactured and supplied from a new Haldex production facility in Guanajuato, Mexico.

“The cooperation with SAAB Automobile showcases our consistent and continued commitment to meet the needs of OEM customers through innovation. The Haldex XWD equips the driver with improved dynamic safety, broadens the performance scope of the vehicle and generates superior traction. The new business consolidates our leading position with European car manufacturers in the area of controllable and intelligent systems for All-Wheel Drive” says CEO and President of the Haldex Group, Joakim Olsson.

Haldex currently supply three of the major OEM groups, VW AG, Ford Motor Company and General Motors with proprietary and advanced systems and solutions for AWD.

Source: Haldex

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  1. Si

    11. Jul, 2007

    I wonder if they do a kit for the c900……

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  2. Talk About Cars!

    12. Jul, 2007

    I don’t know if c900 is the same with the saab 900, if so I can say that they do the saab 900 parts. Because I heard it from my friends just a week ago. They are talking with the saab 9-7x i think.

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