Ethanol (E-85) Prices in Sweden

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Photo Credits: Saab History

During the 2007 60th Anniversary Saab Festival in Sweden back in early June, I took some photographs while visiting a fuel station in our rented 2007 Saab 9-3 SportCombi that I filled up in the quaint little town of Skövde. As I glanced over at the ethanol prices in comparison to diesel and normal gasoline, I noticed a substantially lower price in the E-85 as reported.

The prices at this particular station were as follows that includes a USD/Gallon equivalent:

biopower_station_jet_skovde_2_300.jpg11.59 Krowns per Liter (Kr/L) for 95 Octane Gasoline = $6.57 per Gallon USD
9.34 Krowns per Liter (Kr/L) for Diesel = $5.32 per Gallon USD
7.54 Krowns per Liter (Kr/L) for Ethanol E-85 = $4.27 per Gallon USD

Please note that E-85 at this station was 35% cheaper than standard 95 octane gasoline, where diesel floats somewhere in the middle.

biopower_station_jet_skovde_1_300.jpgAlthough I felt obligated to go for the blue colored E-85 nozzle for environmental and economic reasons, I chose the gasoline nozzle because I did not happen to be renting a Saab BioPower like fellow Saab Enthusiast, Peter Gilbert of Wisconsin did.

After having had this real-life experience, where for the first time, I had the potential option to fill up with a fuel that is environmentally friendly, was quite remarkable. I hope that the next time I encounter this decision again, I can take myself up on the opportunity to “go green” and not look back. I must say that it is no wonder that the Saab BioPower cars are selling well in Sweden due to both environmental reasons such as less carbon output & demand on fossil fuels as well as economic reasons that include the lower price of E-85, waiving of congestion charges and tax benefits, etc.

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