SAAB Depot Facility – Hingham, MA

Posted on 28. Jul, 2007 by in 1950-1959, Hingham, Massachusetts


Photo Credit: SAAB Motors, Inc.

SAAB Motors, Inc. had a depot in addition to their service training facility in Hingham, Massachusetts where the SAABs were prepared for delivery at all of the dealerships in the United States.

What: SAAB Depot

Where: GSA Building (Demolished 2006) Shipyard Street, Hingham, Massachusetts

When: 1956 – 1961


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4 Responses to “SAAB Depot Facility – Hingham, MA”

  1. Ted Y

    29. Jul, 2007

    Think the building is still there? If so, I wonder what it’s used for.

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  2. ryanoe9000

    29. Jul, 2007


    Thanks for your comment, good question. I would like to see if someone could get the chance to visit the area in Hingham, Massachusetts to inquire on the current status of the facility.

    It would be great to get some nice panoramic outside shots including the building with the sea in the background. Inside shots would also be good that resemble the original one included in this post.

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  3. Tom Sexton

    07. Apr, 2009

    Not sure anyone will see this, but the building in the photos was recently demolished and replaced with luxury condos and retail. It was inevitable, really, given the location right on the water in an affluent area and the state of disrepair of the building.

    It was very impressive though: about a third of a mile long and several stories high. The building was part of a complex built to product landing craft in WWII. Many hundreds were built during the war by thousands of workers, one of whom was my wife’s grandmother.

    Time moves on.


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  4. Ryan

    07. Apr, 2009


    Well received, thank you very much for your input! Do you have any past photos?



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