The first SAAB in the Family

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I have been posting a lot of history about Saab Automobile’s history in the making as well as notable events and activities in the past as of late, but as your the humble host of this website, I have recently realized that I have provided very little history about my connection with the Saab Automobile.

I begin by sharing a beautiful color photo that I have recently found that is one of the only photos of our family’s first SAAB. This model was a straight nosed SAAB 96 in our old driveway in Western, Massachusetts in the seventies. I have asked around and I also understand there was a 99 EMS as well, but I have yet to locate a photo of it, hopefully that photo too will come to light.

For more information on my history with Saab, I have updated the about page that provides a good summary of my background.

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  1. Ted Y

    01. Aug, 2007

    Lucky that you have a photo of it. My first Saab was in 1967, a used 66 stroker. I have never, before or since, enjoyed a car so much. I would wax it just to spend time with it, or hope for snow to drive in, on the road or in the fields, I didn’t care. However, I never thought to take one single picture of it, not even one. I’m glad that you’ve got one though.

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