The SAAB Sonett I (Super Sport)

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This SAAB Sonett I Super Sport project was lead in October of 1954 by SAAB chief engineer, Rolf Melde while incorporating designs from chief designer Sixten Sason where they were built in total secrecy from the public outside of the Trollhättan area within a barn in a small town called Ã…saka. The SAAB Sonett I Super Sport or “So Neat” as translated was an open-top two seater sports car that was officially unveiled at the Stockholm Motor Show in February of 1956. These prototype sports cars got a lot of great press internationally, however the Sonett Super Sport project never got into production due to new regulations in motorsport two years later in 1958 that led to the opportunity to use standard vehicles with Sonett engines thus making the Sonett body, frame, etc. obsolete and unnecessary. As a result of this decision, the six Sonett I models became instant collectors items.

At the recent Saab 60th Anniversary Festival in Trollhättan, Sweden this past June, I managed to see 3 of the 6 Sonett models without an appearance of the the fourth Sonett I in green. At the 2005 Saab Festival also in Trollhattan, this vehicle was present and owned by a Dr. Klaus Muller-Ott of Germany who wrote an entire book in the Saab History book library about the Sonett No.4 being restored, titled “SAAB Sonett No.4”, however since then, there have been some rumors that Dr. Klaus Muller-Ott sold Number 4, of which the whereabouts are currently unknown by all I have spoken with so far. If someone could shed some light to this recently found, restored and now off the radar Sonett No.4, please contact Saabhistory with an update. Your information would be much appreciated to the International Saab Community.

For more information on the Sonett, I would highly suggest getting a copy of SAAB Sonett No. 4, Saab Motorhistorisk Magasin – Saab 50 Ar – Alla Bilarna, Alla SAABs Sportbilar – The Sonett, and All Other SAAB Sports Cars

In the meantime, I am providing a list of the SAAB Sonett I Super Sport models and there whereabouts.


Photo Credit: Saab History

Number: No.1
Color: Ivory
Location: Saab Museum, Trollhättan, Sweden


Photo Credit: Saab History

Number: No.2
Color: Orange
Location: Saab USA Heritage Collection, Sterling Heights, Michigan


Photo Credit: Saab History

Number: No.3
Color: Red (Far Left)
Location: G̦sta Jakfors, Sweden РPrivately Owned


Photo Credit: Saab History

Number: No.4
Color: Green
Location: Presently Unknown


Photo Credit: Saab History

Number: No.5
Color: Blue
Location: Saab Museum, Trollhättan, Sweden


Photo Credit: Saab History

Number: No.6
Color: White-Blue
Location:Bill Jacobson, United States – Privately Owned

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  1. Ulfar Norddahl

    02. Jan, 2011

    I have a silver coloured SAAB 9 5

    It is very sporty.

    Why do Saab not make another sportscar based on the Sonett?

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