Saab Owners Convention – Saturday, Day 3

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Photo Credits: Saab History

soc_logo_2007.jpgThe 25th annual Saab Owners Convention peaked on Saturday, August 25th which marked the 3rd day of the convention in Troy, Michigan.

The schedule for the day included similiar events as Friday for those that were unable to attend earlier as well as some nice additional engagements. The first notable engagement for the day was the classic Group photo that took place in the parking lot of the nearby Delphi corporation. I was unfortunately running late after doing some work in the morning, so thankfully I managed to get into the shot as well as snap a few of my own that I have included in the photographs above. I hope that I can provide a small version of this group photo for your review in the near future from the official photographer, Gary Tafoyas.

Following the group photo, we had the Saab USA Roundtable that was fully attended (standing room only). At the roundtable there were a number of questions from future product model questions that were posed to Saab USA as well as important questions about the state of the current Saab dealership network in the United States. The debates got very interesting and although it was clear that there just was not enough time to get every question answered, I think most in attendance appreciated a number of the answers that were returned from Jan-Willem Vester, John Libbos and Steve Shannon of Saab USA during this roundtable. Please note that I have filmed this entire engagement and will make it available in the near future.

The seminars on Saturday consisted of Chuck Andrews Oil Sludge updates, the Saab Corporation Collection by Peter Backstrom, curator of the Saab Museum, Sweden to how to restore, refurbish or just prepare a Saab for driving by Tom Nelson, Bruce Harbison & Jerry Danner of the Rocky Mountain Saab Club who will be running the Saab Owners Convention in 2009.

The Born From Jets mobile trailer was a wonderful attraction that was setup in the main parking lot with vendors surrounding the display. At the Born From Jets mobile trailer, there was an Aero-X concept car replica present, 9-7x DUB concept car as well as the new 9-3 models prominently displayed. Adjacent to the Born From Jets trailer, Saab Expressions also had a tent selling clothing and model cars which was a nice addition to the trailer. It is notable that the one-of-a-kind Saab 9000 CD two-door car built by ASC was also present.

Following the tour of the Born From Jets Trailer and vendor spaces in the main parking lot, I was off to tour the second installment of the tour of Custom Automotive Services (CAS) took place where Saab Convention attendees got to visit 3 of the 7 nondescript and non-publicly accesible warehouses that store the Saab USA Heritage Collection to just about every other vehicle in General Motors fleet which are located nearby in Sterling Heights, Michigan. It was truly incredible to see some of the vehicles in this collection and as a Saab Enthusiast, even some of the non-Saab vehicles were noteworthy.

The third day of the Saab Owners Convention culminated on Saturday night at the General Motors Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan not too far from the Hilton Hotel where the convention is headquartered.

All of the speakers and presenters at the dinner at the Heritage Center had quite the venue for such an occasion which really helped to properly place Saab Automobile’s presence within the General Motors portfolio for the better. It was at this appropriate location where we all enjoyed a wonderful dinner encircled by General Motors most cherished concept cars and other such vehicles where I heard over and over by attendees that here at the dinner is where they were finally convinced that they were comfortable about the General Motors ownership of the Saab Automobile brand.

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    There’s going to be a DC launch of the new MY 2008 XWD at the House of Sweden in DC? Is the event open. If not, do you know how to swing an invite?

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