Saab 9-3 Drive Event, Washington, D.C. – Part 1

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Photo Credits: Saab History

On Monday, August 27th I participated in the 2008 Saab 9-3 Media Drive Program that took place here in my home city, Washington, D.C.

I was part of the first wave of the 2008 9-3 Drive Program which covered Monday evening and Tuesday morning and afternoon. On Monday evening, I was greeted to a welcome reception at none other than the House of Sweden beginning at 6pm, followed by welcoming remarks and a dinner then an optional after dinner discussion at the Degrees Lounge at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown at 9pm.

It was at this first part of the 9-3 drive program that I got a chance to see Steve Shannon again, following the Saab Owners Convention as well as meet other Saab Automobile Sweden individuals. The other individuals that I met were Knut Simonsson, the Executive Director for Saab Global Sales and Marketing, Andreas Andersson, Saab Sweden’s Product Engineer and Peter Johansson, Saab Sweden’s Chassis Engineering.

Over dinner at the House of Sweden, there were a number of important speeches with regards to Saab Automobile’s future, but the one that stood out the most indicated that Saab Automobile’s future production is “secured” in Trollhättan for a number of new models coming down the line. This was by far, extremely positive news and finally puts to rest any rumors about questional presence in Trollhättan.

As many of us left the House of Sweden to be greeted by a number of MY 2008 9-7x Aeros for our return back to the hotel, many of us including Saab Automobile employees chose to walk given the beautiful weather we had and the short walk back to the Ritz Carlton. As we returned to the hotel, many journalists enjoyed a detailed dialog in the degrees lounge about Saab Automobile’s future models and their position as an environmentally friendly car company. While news on the 9-4x and the 9-1 was not forthcoming for obvious reasons, the state of the Saab BioPower model variants were explicitly indicated to be arriving in the United States as model year 2009 which means that since we are already into model year 2008, those models should be available next fall here in the U.S.

This initial meet & greet at the House of Sweden organized by Saab Automobile USA was well received by all journalists including other media such as myself as well as Mike McGill representing as I heard over and over. We all realize just how very fortunate we were to have had this experience and were very excited as to what was in store for us the following morning, part 2.

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