Saab-Scania Building Design in Orange, Connecticut

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Photo Credit: Building Design & Construction

I have recently received an article from the Building Design & Construction publication dated, October of 1974 that describes the unique building design and signage of former Saab-Scania of America, Inc. headquarters at 60 Marsh Hill Road in Orange, Connecticut.

This headquarters was first occupied in 1972 and that continued until 1992 when the staff relocated to Norcross, Georgia.

I wonder if the same architectural firm that was contacted again, when the signage was installed that read “SCANIA” on the other side of the building, flanking the SAAB sign which was added some years later (year presently unknown). The font looked slightly different.

Here is the original article republished with permission from the publication. Enjoy.

Billboard building – Before it received the design contract for the new Saab-Scania U>S. headquarters building in Orange, Conn., New Haven architects Orr, deCossy, Winder & Associates never had worked with metal systems. With its lease nearly up, Saab decided it wanted its own building. And it wanted a distinctive building in very short order. So Russell Santora decided to try metal systems for the two-story building. Realizing the owner wanted a bold identity, Santora did not want to resort to other materials to dress up the factory-made components. Instead he approached the deisgn using the concept of “billboard as a piece of architecture. We used metal supergraphics because the building is viewable only for a few seconds from a major highway.” Santora said. Through the cooperative effort of project architect, owner, and contractor, the 96,000-sq-ft. building was completed in five months.

Source: Building Design & Construction

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