Saab Advertising “Sven The Saab” – 1964

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In 1964, the United States counterpart of SAAB SWEDEN, SAAB Motors, Inc. while located at 100 Waterfront Street in New Haven, Connecticut, created a promotional piece of literature in print titled “Sven The Saab”.

The idea of Sven The Saab was to apparently portray the aircraft heritage as well the Swedish background of the SAAB at that time in a comical way. It also tells a good story about how the SAAB automobile’s were brought to the United States.

A sincere thank you to both Ray Kopczynski who purchased the item off of an Ebay auction as well as Ted Yurkon for facilitating the scans of the literature from RAY and making them available to Saab History to share with the international Saab community. Enjoy going through the pages in this entire 26-page piece of SAAB history.

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